FERandomizer ver Py

Current release: 0.4

github repository

[quote]FERandomizer CURRENT RELEASE: 0.4
by Camtech and Klokinator

The latest version of this program will always be found at
Cam’s Notes/Fire Emblem/Meta/FERandomizer/release.zip

-Python 3.x

The included patches each fix certain bugs or affect certain things such
as numbers, etc; these are not required to make this work, but they are
likely to improve playing experience.

Any and all feedback on program performance (“xxx doesn’t work”, “it’s
too slow”, etc) can be sent to me (CT075) on serenesforest.net. Ideas and
feedback on the randomization process in general can be sent to Klokinator
(also on SF).

Questions on usage that can’t be answered by using the in-application “help”
function or the included commands.txt should be sent to me (CT075) on

If you don’t want to deal with the client, drag the included script
(“script.txt”) onto run.py to automatically randomize classes and items for
a file named “fe7.gba”. Keep in mind that this file must be in the same
folder as “run.py”


2014.07.08 - ver 0.4 released. Finally ported to python 3.x! Enabled FE8
unit randomization. Added “load” feature to reload randomized data from
a previous session. Various modularity fixes.

2014.04.25 - ver 0.3 released. Ability to randomize FE6/FE8 item stats
included. Optimizations for data loading overhead reduced (somewhat).
Added code to scan the name of any loaded file and detect “fe6”, “fe7” or
“fe8” and set the game mode appropriately.

2014.04.02 - ver 0.2 released. Included functionality to dump randomized
data into human-readable text files. Implemented “nhl” flag for unit
randomization which prevents Lyn, Hector and Eliwood from being class-changed
to units classified as “healers”. Fixed a bug where inventories would be
incorrectly rerolled for units appearing in both Lyn and Eliwood/Hector Mode

2014.03.26 - ver 0.1b (bugfix) released. Fixed a bug that would prevent
base weapon ranks in Dark magic from being loaded.

2014.03.25a - ver 0.1a (bugfix, tweaking) released. Fixed a bug that would
cause crashes in the main client window. Added special-casing to handle
items such as Eliwood’s Rapier and Lyn’s Mani Katti. Added special-casing
to add aforementioned items into the inventory randomization reel if usable.

2014.03.25 - ver 0.1 released, basic functionality (units and item
randomization) implemented, basic UI included.

Coming Soon

- Tidy up the entire job randomization so to reduce time spent randomizing enemies.
- Add support for dumping/reloading randomized information
- Work on the client system in general
- Collect data for FE6/8 unit/weapon randomization
- Add more customizeable parameters for weapon stat randomization

- Integrate Klok’s master palette list to assign workable palettes
- Alternatively, we can just reorder the palette data for the
various unworkable classes so to handle it automatically…?
- Option 3 is to make some other process that loads palettes from
a hex dump and writes them into the correct place in ROM data?
- tbh those are probably too ambitious and not really worth it
- Write code to handle randomizing chest/village rewards
- Who knows?[/quote]

Included functionality: Item and class randomization for FE7, item randomization for FE6 and FE8

This will always be the most recent version, or you can always check my doc.

The main application body is “run.py”, or you can just put your ROM in the same folder as that file, then drag “script.txt” onto “run.py”.

Instructions for the commands are in the zip, COMMANDS.txt

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FERandomizer v0.4 release

Note that there is no fix patch available for FE8; as such, you should be careful with everyone’s weapon ranks. Units will retain their original weapon ranks until klok or myself decides to go through and fix it. Also, if you’ve dumped some randomized data (like for weapons or units), you can now reload it so as to retain your runthrough while updating fix patches!


Bugfix release.


Used to have a bug that crashes when using a -nobugs flag

What? Best flag name ever!

clearly a sign that i’ve thought everything through

I didn’t have a commands.txt file included in my download. No idea what I’m doing here

Try one of these links?

Dropbox loads so slowly on my browser. It could be my network but I’m not really having issues with it. I’ll update you after I try both somewhat extensively.

I assume you just pulled the zip off my git repository; that’s honestly fine but because I made that as an afterthought (ie halfassed it) it doesn’t have a lot of the extra files on there.

If i decide to resume development on this project, I’ll probably recreate that repos from scratch with all the extra files

Well they’d been sitting on “starting” since I clicked and replied and then I got “unknown network error” for both of them and they failed. It’s weird because I have other randomizers on my laptop and they downloaded/work fine.

Alright I got the rest of my issues all figured out and fixed and what not so I just have a new issue. The “-nobugs” flag command made normal(Iron/Steel) bows one square range and E level spells 10 tile range. I have since restarted and erased the data, and started over with just the unit randomization but the items are still all wonky. Any help is appreciated.

if you randomize items then changing range and shit is normal

i probably should have added a specification for which attributes to change but whatever

using the randomizer again on the same ROM just randomizes data already there; if you’re trying to re-randomize on a pre-randomized ROM, any existing weapon data (changed or no) will be preserved