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hello again,i have a request for whenever you’re interested and free for a mayan sword sprite or by its official name Macuahuitl.

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Earlier, I requested this weapon icon from you:

Could you make a sword version of this icon? Stuff got changed around in my hack, and I’d like it if this weapon was a sword instead of an axe. Thank you!

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Would be appreciated if you provided a picture next time, but it was relatively easy to find.
'ere you go!


Aye, here you are!
I thought Hoistflamme and Pachyderm’s fireballs seemed pretty nice, so here’s my go on them!


Aye, I made a “Blade” version and a “Sword” version, just in case you wanted either one.


Aye, here’s this… I guess you can just call this a club rather than a sword, but here you go!


@FireEmblemier i have one request please made is swords descarga jpg_200x200

If you’re interested in more requests, here are some!

  • An overdesigned axe. Starting out as a relatively normal weapon, but with a whole bunch of spikes added on by a semi-competent blacksmith. Probably yellow or black.
  • A realistic musket, for if you want guns in your Fire Emblem. Probably have the normal wood-and-metal colors, but if you can, maybe add some sort of upgraded palette swap.

Thanks for making all these item icons! You’ve been a tremendous help to the community, and your spriteworks look great in hacks.

Here’s a small request:

  • Zacian’s Sword

  • Zacian’s Sword when it’s in Behemoth Blade

Regular Zacian Sword

And the first move shown in the video is Behemoth Blade

Just wanted to see Zacian’s Sword as a GBA weapon icon.

I have a few requests

Terra’s Apocalypse Sword from FF6: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/c/cf/Apocalypse_-_FF6.png/revision/latest?cb=20120523080348

Zanmato from CT: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/chrono/images/a/ae/Demon_Edge.png/revision/latest?cb=20110510221843

Dreamseeker from CT: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/chrono/images/5/52/Dreamseeker.png/revision/latest?cb=20181019215631

Masamune from CT:

Upgraded Masamune from CT:

Is it free to use/edit ?

Mind elaborating on that question?

I wasn’t exactly on about the idea of the axe. Maybe it was because I couldn’t get a picture of it but that’s what I had in mind for an overdesigned axe.
And that’s your musket.

Thanks for making all these item icons! You’ve been a tremendous help to the community, and your spriteworks look great in hacks.

Why thank you!


Let’s just say Behemoth Blade was meant for the large spaces.


@FireEmblemier and me request?

Much appreciated

Some of my favorite swords so far, a request please for the Flamberge:

The Vorpal Sword:

And the Eternal Sword:
Eternal sword

And if you want to the Arredoval:

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I have a request of my own…

Could you attempt to make “shadow” versions of the silver weapons (Silver Sword, Silver Axe, Silver Lance, Silver Bow, Aura, Fimbulvetr, and Fenrir)? Basically, something like this:
silver sword
But with a dark color scheme and a similar aura to this:
Thank you in advance, and sorry for bothering you.

A shadow Fenrir? Isn’t that excessive?

Admittedly, I could probably just use a different dark tome for that purpose.