FEGBA Table Repointer

Here’s a zip with the source and a readme which should spell out exactly how to use this program, but here’s the tl;dr:

As the name implies, this program automatically repoints data tables, so if you’ve ever wanted to repoint tables and had difficulty, or you just want a simpler solution than doing it by hand, this is for you.

[spoiler=Main Window]


First off, this requires Python 2.7, which can be downloaded here.

As can be clearly seen, you need to input three pieces of information: the ROM to edit, the corresponding nightmare module eg FE7 item editor if repointing the item table for an fe7 ROM, and the offset you want to
repoint the table to in hex. Additionally, you can create a backup file before processing, and automatcially update the input module with the new offset by checking the checkboxes. (Don’t worry about the size option). There are more detailed instructions in the enclosed readme. If anyone has trouble using this or encounters a bug, contact me here or on Skype(kratosonkrak).



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