FEE3 2022 Announcement Thread!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the announcement of FEE3 2022! At this point, we’re accepting confirmation of participation in the event (no submissions yet!). If you’re curious, keep reading.

But wait, what is FEE3?

For those who may not be familiar, Fire Emblem E3 (FEE3 for short) is an over decade-long tradition in the Fire Emblem hacking community wherein Fire Emblem romhacks and fangames are showcased for fellow hack creators, players, and Fire Emblem enthusiasts to view to see the community’s progress in the past year.

The formal mission statement for FEE3 is as follows:

To showcase ROM hacks, fan games, technical tools for hacking, animations, and other related materials to Fire Emblem fangame creation to an audience of like-minded creators with the goal of building awareness for and recognizing our work.

For a taste of what FEE3 is like, a link to the playlist for last year’s event can be found here .

FEE3 Volunteer LP Operations Changes

As the event grows, we’ve evaluated risks and decided to make a few changes in order to support the ever increasing size of the event. One of FEE3’s core tenets is inclusivity, and in order to be inclusive to the broadest number of project creators while alleviating administrative burden, we’ve made a few changes to our operations.

First, FEE3 organizers will not be responsible for ensuring your video gets made. You will need to coordinate to get your own video complete. You are, of course, still welcome to work with a volunteer. We will list volunteers in the thread, but it is up to you and the volunteers to coordinate. Volunteers will be able to choose which project creators they work with at their own discretion, meaning the FEE3 staff will not be involved in assigning videos to volunteers this year. This means you are ultimately responsible for the output of your work, and we hope this means that more project creators are satisfied with the end output of their videos, while also ensuring volunteers get choice over where they lend their support.

We will be creating help channels in the FEU discord for you to get help with video editing, recording, thumbnail creation, and connecting with volunteers. These resources will be announced as we get closer to the event.

If you are interested in volunteering to LP projects, please state your interest here and we will include you in the OP for project creators to contact.

Secondly, we will not be creating formal committees for art, promotions, or charity. The staff will manage these this year and work with individual volunteers as interest or need arises. More details on the new audit committee are below.

Beyond these two points, the event should largely function as it has in previous years.

To improve our back-end operations, we’ve streamlined our committees from 2021 into one, new Audit committee. This group, similar to our quality control committee last year, is responsible for ensuring that videos meet technical guidelines, are appropriate, and can be viewed safely and easily by the community. You can DM me if you’re interested in supporting video audits, and more information will be provided after that. And if you have any questions or concerns about any part of the FEE3 organization process, I ask that you reach out to me directly so I can discuss them with the rest of FEE3 staff.

Now, to the portion I’m sure most of you have been waiting for: if I have a project I would like to show off for FEE3, how do I know it would be allowed, and how do I go about submitting it? The following tabs below provide all of the information on:

What Can Be Submitted to FEE3?

Content rules - what is allowed at FEE3?

  • Project type

Eligible products include any Fire Emblem fan work, asset/animation showcase, and hack-related technical demo. Rebalances, weapon reversal, reverse recruitment, or other “minor” edit hack are subject to rejection from the committee for acceptance. However, reskins, rebalances, and PMEs for the GBA Fire Emblem games (FE6,FE7, FE8) are strictly prohibited.

Ex. FE6 rebalance patch with +20 hit on axes → low effort, rejection

  • Inappropriate content

The FEE3 planning committee reserves the right to reject any project that has inappropriate content in violation with site Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme profanity, nudity, sexual themes, and gore. Projects with inappropriate content, regardless of whether this content appears in the video showcase, are subject to rejection based on the discretion of the organizer.

  • Stolen work

Any work with stolen assets will be removed and will not be allowed in the show until this is remedied. The planning committee reserves the right to blocklist your entry from the show if it had stolen assets in it at any point.

Options for Work Showcase

As mentioned earlier, this year we’ve switched to a self-serve model in which project creators are responsible for their own videos. We’d like to direct any creators who are possibly confused or struggling to the FEE3 documentation thread. For people who are interested in showcasing others’ work, you can post about your availability in this thread and accept or deny requests based on your own personal situation. A link to a guide for FEE3 Showcases can be found here. In addition, if you are looking for someone to help you showcase your work, there is a working list at the end of the OP for people to contact. We hope this will assist you in creating your showcase.

When do I need to submit my video to FEE3? When is the show happening?

If you’re eager to submit your video, we’d ask that you wait a little longer. The most important thing you do at this point is to fill out the Participation Confirmation form, which will be required for your work to be showcased.This helps us ensure your video gets on the schedule and allows the organizers to plan well in advance. As laid out in the following timeline, actual submissions will be opening up later, so keep an eye out for that!

May 11th - July 15th: Participation Confirmation Phase

July 15th - Aug 15th: Project Submission Phase

Aug 15 - Oct 15: Audit Phase

Oct 15: Show begins

Remember, the most important deadline is July 15th. That is when you must have your participation in the event via the form. After that, you must submit your project by the deadline of August 15th. Again, both forms must be submitted if you want your project to appear at the event.

For now, the participation confirmation form is open, with the link below. This post will be updated with the project submission form as well, once that opens up. Please let me know if you have any questions.

FEE3 2022 Participation Confirmation Form

List of People to Contact for Volunteer Work (DM them!)


Looking forward to all the community has to showcase this year!


Big thanks to Relic for offering to run the event this year.

Excited for the event and looking forward to supporting the team again.


Good on you for taking it up.

Shifting the duties of video recording away from the team and to the developer is probably a decent enough solution to the ever mounting pile of work the last few years were.


hell yeah, let’s go, i’m excited to see what’s gonna happen this year


“your interest here”
(I am down to volunteer record lul)


We are now in FEE3 of 2022.

I am so looking forward to seeing the new lineup of FE ROM hacks that are new and returning, and some new Animation Sprites for the FE Community to use. Wonder what kind of improvements have been happening last October.

I’m excited to see the event in the near future.


I’ve got to get in to register my interest, naturally.

I do have a few ideas on what to showcase. Though the age-old question arises: will I stop procrastinating long enough to execute them?


That time of year already? Man, time really flies ig…
Super excited for this year’s FEE3!

Unfortunately due to the lack of the software needed to actually make a showcase I’ll have to ask around to see if I can redeem myself after my let’s just say the less than stellar state of my hack…

Either way this will be super exciting! I hope to watch all of the videos when they first drop!


Hype :train2:


The real E3 may be dead but FEE3 never dies :sunglasses:


Hmm… yeah I think I’ll sit this one out since I don’t have enough to showcase and I would rather not rush things to make it in just to take someone else’s deserved spot but yeah looking forward to seeing what everyone else made since I really enjoyed the last one. Good luck everyone!


time to rock :sunglasses:


It’s that time of the year again baby! I’m looking forward to the showcases. FEE3 seems to get better every year, so I’m expecting great things from this edition!


heyy, i’m up for some volunteering!


Wow it is already this time of the year? I’m hyped to see all the amazing things people will do for this FEE3 ! :smile:


Always down to LP submissions, just let me know :sparkling_heart:


As we get closer to the event, I’ll start updating this thread again.

I also need to update the documentation thread as well.




Hey! It’s that same time of the year that I remember last year!


Thats the eternal showcase question, along with “will I ever be happy enough to release what I’ve shown?”