FEE3 2021 Recruitment

FEE3 2021: Recruitment

Hello one and all,

I’m pleased to announce that organization for FEE3 2021 has begun in earnest! Planning is still in its infancy and the actual show is still many months out, but this year we aim to make the process as streamlined as possible and are getting an early start on things. This year, a team of myself and Alusq will be spearheading organization of the event, while depending on all of you for support & assistance.

For those who may not be familiar, Fire Emblem E3 (FEE3 for short) is an over decade-long tradition in the Fire Emblem hacking community wherein Fire Emblem romhacks and fangames are showcased in a concentrated fashion in video form to display what the community has been working on over the past year. The formal mission statement for FEE3 is as follows:

We aim to: showcase original creations & developments of the FE community to each other and the broader community.

For a taste of what FEE3 is like, a link to the playlist for last year’s event can be found here.

As an introduction to this, I’d like to speak a bit about my own personal experiences with FEE3. I’ve enjoyed FEE3 immensely over the years, and this event is actually what piqued my interest in trying my hand at hacking after a years-long exodus from the hacking community. The energy of the event is something that I have not seen in any other internet community, and I’d love for that to stay true for many years. I hope that the event can be just as successful as

The following provides a rough timeline of the planned proceeding of events for FEE3 2021:

Important Dates
May 15th - June 15th
Initial Recruitment Phase
Bring on volunteers to determine roles and responsibilities.
June 20th - July 31st
Project Sign Up Phase
Details for submitting projects will be posted to a separate thread.
Aug. 1st
Patch Submission Deadline (if using volunteer LPer)
All submissions must have signed up by now. Any submissions requesting a volunteer LPer must provide a playable .UPS patch or demo by this date.
Aug. 1st - Sept. 15th
LP Recordings Phase
Volunteer LPers will be given their assignments, and videos will be created.
Sept. 15th
Video Recordings Deadline
Deadline for LPers and creators submitting their own videos to have their recordings sent in.
Sept. 15th - Oct. 15th
Quality Review Phase
All submissions will be reviewed for quality and appropriateness of content. Creators will be contacted if there are issues with submissions, and this time will serve as a buffer period if re-recording is necessary. Schedule will also be made.
Late Oct.
FEE3 Schedule Released & FEE3 Commences

Those of you who are familiar with FEE3 in the past may recognize the familiar periods for submission of projects and creation of videos, but may be surprised by the period for recruitment of volunteers. As the community has exploded over the past few years, the event has grown far beyond its humble beginnings, and we will be asking for volunteers from the community to contribute in various manners. We will be recruiting for the following FEE3 committees:

Let's Play Committee / Volunteer LPers
  • Responsible for managing intake of LP requests from project submitters. Works with team to record videos on behalf of others, while also providing guidance to users who request assistance or recommendations in how they should showcase their project. Enable self-service while providing a high bar of quality in their own recordings.
Quality Control Committee
  • Creating guidelines for LPers to follow, as well as reviewing project submissions and videos for quality. Quality is inclusive of appropriateness of content and video.
Arts Committee
  • Creation and maintenance of brand assets surrounding the identity of the event, including, but not limited to, templates for recording, thumbnails, banners, and other FEE3 promotional materials. Responsible for visual identity of FEE3.
Community Transparency Committee
  • Responsible for communications and outreach. Liaising with other Fire Emblem influencers and communities to promote the event and increase viewership and engagement. Responsible for updating threads and communicating with users on event status, as well as charity promotion, targets, achievements, and any other updates.

The link to the volunteer application form can be found here. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! All of you creators in the community are what make this event so great.


FEE3 2021: Recruitment

Thanks for taking the lead on this, WarPath. Excited by the early attention we’re getting for FEE3 and looking forward to helping the organizers (WarPath, Alusq, Vesly, and others) behind the scenes.

Splitting up the tasks for the committees will be huge in improving the event and getting more of the community involved will be great.


I am definitely going to submit my project this year! I really enjoyed last year’s FEE3 and am already looking forward to the next one! I like it that that announcement comes this early, as it will only make the event better!

I really hoped that I could help with some of the volunteer work. I have only short periods where I have a lot of spare time, so I’m unsure if I could help with anything. Even though I may not be able to help with volunteer work, I wish you all good luck!


There is/are specific hack(s) I’d like to LP and I’m in contact with their creators at the moment - do I still apply per the application form or would this be a special case to be discussed separately with the organizers?

If you and the creator want to organize for you to do their LP, you work it out with them and submit a video yourself.

If you want to be a volunteer to record for people who can’t record or don’t have someone to record for them, sign up.


The pressure is officially on :eyes:
I’m excited to try submitting something when the time comes!


Fee3 hype train


hm maybe the alpha will be done by then.

am i… eligible?

We’ve had a few submissions that weren’t FE in the past, so you’re in the clear I’d say.

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yes, you can submit.

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I’m in then. Should be fun


Oh man, this is so cool!
I can’t wait to see news on all the cool projects
this community has been working hard on.

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my first fee3, I’m looking forward to this, if I can find a someone willing to do a LP then I’ll gladly submit!

I know this is too late to be changed and it’s FeE3 Tradition. But isn’t October kind of a bad date for many? Wouldn’t September or even August be better since that’s when most people would have the most amount of free time. Why October Exactly? Just asking that is all.

As you say, FEE3 is traditionally held later in the year, and so doing so once again allows for ample time to have passed since the last show to allow for creators to have made substantial progress on projects.

As for when people typically have more free time, I think that this may vary wildly depending on the individual. Additionally, one could also make the argument that we should be preparing for the show (readying our submissions, recording videos) during the months when we are less busy, as this is big a time sink, as opposed to holding the show when we are less busy.

So the reality is that, with the event ever-growing in size and scope, there is probably no ideal time to hold it where everyone’s desires are met. Everyone will have a different preference. Thus, we’ll stick with tradition.


For viewership? Yes, you are right.

But as an incentive for people to make their hacks? August 1st is a great deadline, and those who miss it or want more time can choose to make their own video by Sept 15th instead.

I’d personally be fine with releasing the videos in December instead when some people have more time free during the holidays. But I don’t think most people want a december release.

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Viewership would be very nice for hack creators. Doesn’t matter how good a hack may be if no one plays it due to lower visibility which is kinda sad as that’s what happens to some great projects.

If you’re referring to summer holidays, don’t you think it’s rather egotistic to assume that that’s when people have the most free time? It’s only summer in one hemisphere of the world.