FEE3 2021 Project and Showcase Submission

You can submit it I think.

If it’d been finished & released a few years prior and you hadn’t made any changes to it since, then I’d encourage you to go back and make some revisions before submitting it.

Gaiden magic is compatible with skill systems, but only through the buildfile. Febuilder’s patch of skill systems is about a year and a half old at this point and I don’t think 7743 wants to update it. It works and has very few bugs, which is the important thing to him.

Skill systems buildfile gaiden magic still has some bugs that I just discovered, but it not febuilder friendly at this point.

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Oh is that the case? Shame GBA builder isn’t updating the skill systems though. I don’t find myself motivated to learn how to hack in any other setting. Would it be as simple as installing the build file through some other means and then just continuing to work in FE Builder?

EDIT: Ah, I see you say the buildfile isn’t GBA Builder friendly yet. That’s a shame. Though I should still probably learn how to install the Skill Systems via the build file to make use of passive inventory skills for the other project I plan to make.

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Yes, you are welcome to submit.


Excellent. I hope people enjoy it.


Only a couple more days to submit projects for FEE3 2021! Remember, even if you plan on creating your own showcase, you need to register your project to be in the show by August 1st!


Submitted! Let’s hope for a good FEE3!


Same goes to you. Can’t wait for the lineup for this year’s FEE3.

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Submitted! Should be fun.

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Oh man, this submission date snuck up on me. Just submitted though, so I guess I’ll be in it this year… Now need to figure out what kind of video to record and submit. :sweat_smile:


Ah right this is a thing
Sorry for being last-minute about it x.x

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Shoutouts to submitting within the last few days :sunglasses:

Hello all,

Thanks to all of you who submitted Projects to FEE3 2021! The project submission deadline has now passed.

If you signed up for a volunteer LP, there shouldn’t be anything further you need to do barring unforeseen difficulties. If you elected to record your own video, please submit your showcase using the showcase submission link by September 15. Again, if you have any questions or concerns that aren’t answered by the OP of this thread, feel free to reach out to me.


is there a list of all the submitted projects?? I’m a bit nervous and excited to see how many things we will have this year! (also, if I wanted to change the link I submitted to an updated one how could I do it??)


I’m curious about the list of submitted projects as well.

I think it’d be best to not have the list until all the actual submissions are in and the schedule is about to be made (since it’d be better to not call attention to people who had to drop out for one reason or another).
I think you can just message Warpath regarding your submission.


Epicer is correct. Once things are more set in stone and the majority of showcases are close to being show-ready, we’ll make and release the schedule. But I’d like to wait until then to respect the project creators.

If you filled out the project submission form and I haven’t reached out to you to say otherwise, assume that you are signed up. Additionally, if you have concerns about your submission, e.g. you are worried about a recently discovered bug, you are welcome to reach out to me and we can do our best to accommodate you.


sure thing, it’s just that I updated my cloud and I’m not sure if the link I provided still works

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Just as a heads-up for all creators, as I’ve seen several questions pop up about this in various places:

If you submitted a project for FEE3 2021, and haven’t been contacted by an event organizer, this is entirely normal. Our M.O. is to only contact creators if there is a problem, as all projects are accepted as the default. If you haven’t been contacted after submitting your project, assume things are going as planned (including volunteer LPs) and there are no problems or reasons for concern.


Thanks everyone for their submissions. I put together the first draft of our schedule today. Always fun to see all of the projects listed out. Looking forward to sharing it with you all as we get closer and can finalize timing.


I’m excited!