FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!


First up is a project from a friend of mine who’s looking to make FE8’s story flow better!


Hi, it’s me, your friend, making my first post on FEU. If you have any questions, thoughts, or GREAT CONCERNS, throw them at me here, in the youtube comment section, or on SF.


Arch really digging the jacket / tie combo in the intro


Thanks! I wanted to rep the purple tie and the pin in honor of October being domestic violence awareness month.

Inb4 “sjw npc scum” comments rain down from 4chan.

Which reminds me, I wonder if 4chan is making fun of me yet?


circles and crazycolorz are at it again.


If you’re getting made fun of there, you know you’ve made it.

Nice touch, thanks for sharing.


Pandan has a vision!


Hi I’m concerned that ur a huge nerd



Could it be that my project isn’t in the list Arch posted today? I read the list but couldn’t see my project and I am a bit surprised about it. :thinking:


Some stuff is still being recorded


Just an oversight, my bad.


Nergal’s looking a bit dapper, ain’t he.


No problem :smile:


In the words of Masahiro Sakurai, “NEVER ASK ME FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.”


Golden boys!


Man, @Nuramon I gotta say, you do really good work. My kudos to your animating skill!


Turns out Belle is a fan of Prison Break.


Oh no, another menu to navigate to initiate a mass of possibilities!


Team SALVAGED’s Cavalier has an older brother!