FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!


Here is the updated project list.


Project name: The Golden Kingdom
Platform: FE8
Showing: An LP of Prologue to chapter 4, open to anyone who wants to give it a shot.


Project name: Fire Emblem: Fallen Flame
Platform: FE8
Showing: The first 5 chapters of the game. Largely nothing but raw gameplay at the moment.


Courtesy notice: All submissions are due by 2:30pm PST October 15th.

The show will kick off on October 27th.

We’ve had a tremendous turnout so far, with over 30 projects either submitted or confirmed to be making an appearance. We had 42 sign-ups total this year. It’s going to be the biggest FEE3 yet!

Here’s the updated project list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fItL676eBY0EY9ACkJ6Evx_oH1Iemv-p3Wubg7jdSO0/edit


For anyone looking for an LPer - I can record a few demos next weekend if you need help showing off your hack. Send me a PM and we can discuss.


Project Name: Fancy Staves & Range Fix
Plattform: FE8
Showing: Tech Demo


What does it mean when certain names in the LPer box have checks next to them?
(EDIT: Sorry Zmr, didn’t mean to reply to you specifically.)



So does that basically mean, for example, that Arch has gotten my game but Mekkah hasn’t yet?


It means Arch has it; no idea whether Mekkah does.


Ah, Mekkah has already sent the recording of your project directly to me, so it can be safely checked off.


I forgot you were a part of FEU Ray…(my idol)

Praises Ray


C’mon guys, we’ve been doing this for eight years. #TrustTheProcess


Everything will be fine


If we have any projects that need LPers, I’d be down, so long as I receive the patch and save file for the submission


if you make a rom hack FE make sure have a good story line


Will we be able to see a schedule of when each game is supposed to be shown off?


We usually never make a schedule and just fly by the seat of our pants, but since people keep bugging me about it…

Day 1: Intro, FE8 Rewrite, Blitz Tendency, Vision Quest

Day 2: Elibean Nights, The Golden Kingdom, Nuramon Animation Showcase

Day 3: Staff of Ages, FE8 Self-Randomizer, SALVAGED Paladin

Day 4: Fractured Realms, Sanctea Chronicles, RedFE

Day 5: Project Exile, Radiant Dawn Redux, FE4 Binary English

Day 6: Souls of the Forest, Faith and Blood, Legends of Avenir, The Heroes We Deserve

Day 7: FETD II, BSFEGBA, Fallen Flame

Day 8: Sacred Echoes, Tales of the Golden Knight, Fallen Kingdom, Fire Emblem Poop

Day 9: Immortal Sword, Super Imperial Odyssey, The Sacred Discord, Resonance: Resurgence

Day 10: DSA, Misaka Tech Demo, Tera Staff/Item Use Routine Demo

Day 11: GFE1R, Snek

Kickoff is at 12pm EST today. Let’s get the hype train rolling!!!


Excited to be on for day 1! Hope everyone enjoys Vision Quest, stoked to get feedback from the community.


Welcome back.
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