FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!


Oh boy oh boy time to extort work from other people while my pc’s broken

Dumb question, but are you allowed to edit a submission you’ve already posted? I namely want to include @WhydidImakethisaccount and @MrKarkino as the creators of RR since, well, it’s not my project anymore now that my computer is broken.


Project Name: FE8 Self Randomizer

Platform: FE8

Showing: LP

Wasn’t really planning on it but might as well, it’s done anyhow


(copied from Serenes Forest)

Project Name: Project Exile

Platform: FE5

Showing: Mekkah has already generously volunteered to LP the patch for FEE3. He can pick any of the translated chapters (we’re done through 8x). I’m also up for an interview, I suppose, if that’s something people are interested in.


Project Name: Super Imperial Odyssey
Platform: FE8
Showing: LP of Prologue, Ch1, Ch2, and Ch3


So, if we’re not able to playtest our own hack, do we need to actively seek out the volunteers ourselves, or will the hacks be distributed among them?


The hacks should be distributed between the let’s players. You’ve still got close to two weeks; send Arch a PM with your patch when you’re ready. You don’t need to chase the LPers yourself. If you want a specific person to play your hack though, that’s fine.[quote=“Arch, post:1, topic:4134”]
Project managers should feel free to recruit their own LPers, though! It’ll help make the process easier if more people elect to make those arrangements themselves.

So if you want Youtuber X to play it, you can get Youtuber X to play it.

Do note FEE3 is not a playtesting resource. That is your own responsibility, so make sure your rom isn’t crashing left right and centre, looking like it’s had a total of five minutes of work on it. Trust me, I know from experience.


Thanks for the clarification, and after looking at my previous message, I guess I subconsciously put “playtest” instead of let’s play like I had mentally intended lol


Not sure if it’s too late but it’s worth a shot!:

Project Name: FE8 The Heroes We Deserve
Platform: FE8
Showing: (Interview?) + Let’s Play of first 3 chapters (it’s stable, but chapters aren’t combat balanced; mostly to show off characters and dialogue).

Also I’m looking for a voluntary LPer that’s willing to chat with me beforehand!


Is there a set date for FEE3? There have been a few postponements, and it’s difficult to prepare a project for an expo with an unknown date.


The due date is the 14th and the videos usually go up a few weeks after that


It got extended once. Sheesh. A lot of people have already turned their projects in already.


inb4 another week of extending


Nah. Deadline is the 14th.

Then we’ll give the LPers some time to record everything and kick the show off on the 27th.


Project Name:FE7CNLOL
Platform: FE7
Showing: tech demo


If we record our own project, do we have to give it to someone or just upload it on the own channel?

Sorry if I am asking to much, I just want to get sure for everything :slightly_smiling_face:


Send a link to the video file to me.


Project Name: The Sacred Echoes
Platform: FE8
Showing: Let’s Play (4 chapters) - will need a volunteer


Project Name: BSFEGBA
Platform: FE8
Showing: Trailer

(Throwing this on the thread on the last day for submissions because I remembered that trailers exist)



For anyone who is doing their own LP or putting a trailer together, please send me a link to the video file no later than October 26th.


Will the project list in the OP be updated once the due date has passed?
I just want to know for certain that my project is going to get shown off.