FEE3 2017 Discussion Thread - this title needs more traintracks

So, now that FEE3 is close to wrapped up… What did you all think of this year’s showings?

“FE7 in FE5” was definitely a highlight for me, as was seeing all of the other different works from our FEU community members (which was most of the show).


Is it bad if I say Kaga Mode was the highlight for me

The Blitz was as impressive as ever, and I got a few things to add to my ever evolving backlog, so I’d call it a success

Blitz was the highlight cause it’s the blitz
otherwise Emblem Chronicles VII was the most impressive for me
Most of the stuff i submitted ended up being pretty underwhelming, in my opinion.

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Come on Arch, where’s my running joke? FEE3 threads have to involve hype traintracks in some fashion in their titles.

Was this a good FEE3? Well I’m gonna post what I thought of all the entries! (At least, what I’ve watched the videos for so far.)
FE7x: The dialogue seemed too pretentious for my tastes, but I didn’t watch the gameplay yet. Can’t judge. Also a long runner with its reputation preceding it.
VBA: I kinda made some of it, I can’t fairly judge. Of course I’d be singing its praises…
Emblem Chronicle: There’s a reason our hosts loved it. (I’m also in the dev discord despite not doing anything except pop in to chat in random chats. Heh.)
And of course, the translation is way spiffier than Shaya’s wildest dreams. IN AMERICA!
Blazing Stones: Bad generic reskin made in five minutes with Feditor, no effort or heart put into this at all. Probably one of the few straight-up bad things.
Extinguished Blade: The graphical work is superb. The gameplay seemed tough, but not horribly so. Beware of ???!
RedFE: Things seemed a bit… empty, I suppose. But the premise was liked and it’s hardly bad.
Izarck’s Quest: The chapter gimmick of summoning green units to do your bidding was interesting. The chapter itself looked like quite a slog, however.
Weapon Reversal: Yet to watch video, no opinion.
Morps’s Quest: The gameplay itself consisted of large maps with few enemies, Oifaye swept the floor while Morps played catchup. Random Kaga era characters hanging around is amusing to me, though. The tech demos were also cool. Get Tethys outta here and get Sylvia in here, four-way refresh is where it’s at.
Attack of the Fangs: Yet to watch video.
Heaven’s Armoury: Yet to watch video.
FE3GBA: I made this. Straight up made this. I’m the least qualified person to give fair unbiased feedback. I can admit it’s quite rough and unpolished, though.
Kaga Mode: In this state, it was FE6 minus the weapon triangle and plus a few Lord Asrals. The current plan is meant to be quite a bit more ambitious, so yeah.
Serpents Entwined: It seemed somewhat unremarkable. Not great, but not awful.
Blade’s Legacy: 25 turn defence chapter, we’re gonna be here for a while. Showing the legendary battle of long ago in proper gameplay was interesting, while the chapter itself shows that five men really aren’t capable of slaughtering a full army.
Staff of Ages: It’s one of the long runners in the community, it’s got its reputation. Don’t dawdle if you don’t wanna time out. No grinding for you, player.
You Can (Not) Ban: Spanish memes. So many memes. Memes everywhere. Everywhere.
Elibian Nights: It’s EN. I haven’t watched the video yet, but it’s been going for how long now? You can’t really go wrong.
FE10 Redux: Yet to watch video. I’m not too fond of what he’s doing judging by looks at the thread, but watching things in practice would be another matter entirely.

I guess I’ll throw out some stuff:

SoA: Really well-done video with smooth narration. One of my favorite FE8 projects, made by cool people.

EN: Q&A was cool, Igrene’s Tale seems fun, always happy to see EN progress. Lots of love, Arch.

Extinguished Blade: Blaze works hard to really provide art for his project. I see his WIPs in SALVAGED all the time, and I’m always impressed.

RedFE: I’m not too big on colorFEs, but showing how the western community would make one sounds like an interesting task. With advancements in FE8 hacking, RedFE has some serious potential.

Weapon Reversal: Fun if you’re looking for a change of pace without a completely new experience.

Izarck’s Quest: Needs a lot more work, probably could do with more testing from people who aren’t the author. I feel like the 6-hour-playtime save file shown in the FEE3 video, along with how long the chapter in the video took, shows that these chapters really need to be tuned. 45-minute-average earlygame chapters turns me off from trying it.

FE7x: Praise Yeti and everyone involved in 7x. Cool stuff, as always. I recently tried out the new update, got some cool Elibe history stuff.

FE10 Redux: I’m a simple man. I see dark magic lord, I smile.

FELatino: Let’s hope that nobody remembers any of these names in a few years.

Heaven’s Armory: Sprites need polishing, dialogue’s a bit odd but amusing. My biggest gripe is that it’s done in FE7.

Serpents Entwined: I don’t know what to think of this. Like a few other entries, it needs a lot of work to get to a state most people would be happy with. Units need a lot of tweaking, as Mel was essentially soloing the map with one person. The random silence staves didn’t really make the chapter seem more difficult, only a tad more annoying.

Blade’s Legacy: Lots of names I’m not fond of, lots of dialogue, 25-turn defense chapter, huge map with a bunch of ugly peaks. I don’t think you need a chapter this tedious to get your narrative across.

VBA: (knoll much)