FEE3 2016: The Return of the Return of the Traintracks

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Okay, more seriously, I hope no one opposes me starting up and managing this thread. But this will just be an unofficial mirror of SF’s thread run by @ghast. I’m just going to try to keep the list of projects entered updated, with some basic information.

#Basic Info

  • FEE3 2016 will probably take place at the beginning of October, with the due dates likely being in September
    like last year.This provide submitters with like… a lot of time to
    get their shit done. We absolutely cannot postpone FEE3 again. Just get
    your stuff together and don’t procrastinate.

  • The event will be hosted on my channel, and Mangs and Melissa (Snake mom)
    will be playing through the submissions alongside me. Mangs and I will
    be doing video LPs, and Melissa will be offering to both do normal LPs
    and streams.

  • It is up to the hacker to decide how they want their work showcased. If they don’t care, we will just decide among ourselves.

  • Make a Fun Chapter 2 (hosted by me) will also be featured for FEE3 this year. So single chapter hackers can get some big time spotlight too!

  • Tangerine will help us promote the event this year through the website. The details aren’t exactly ironed out yet, though.

-Videos this year will not exceed 30 minutes. And this year we’re going to take the event much slower and upload maximum 2 videos a day.

-In terms of streams, the stream will be condensed into 30 minute
videos as well, with the full stream being archived on Melissa’s own
youtube channel if you want to see the full thing. If you want a stream,
then you’ll need to submit your thing probably earlier than if you were
just wanting a normal video LP, since Melissa might need more time to
edit and condense the stream into 30 minutes, so be prepared for that I

-You can still submit tech demos and trailers and stuff, obvously!



Returning Submissions:

New Submissions/Tech Demos

#Unofficial Submissions (FEU Only, so far)

Remember this is an unofficial thread. That said, if we get enough of our hackers to post just here, well, we’ll have to get noticed.

#Unconfirmed Submissions


I was hoping to have a playable patch of my project for this, not a tech demo.

@ghast, Please put me down for a tech demo as well.

You might want to let him know on SF, if you’re able to.

We don’t even get an official cross-post anymore. RIP.

KelssFE isn’t returning this year, FYI. I’m submitting KelssFE: The Musical this time around.

I had assumed ti was the same thing or the same thing under a different name. But ok.

It’s a standalone game, not a GBA patch. Understandable assumption, though~

Project name: Elibean Nights
Platform: FE7
Showing: There will be a finalized patch released sometime around FEE3 and a trailer.


I thought you were doing it over in XNA?

Christmas release date confirmed

Inb4 release is delayed till 2020

Also, thanks for sticking to GBA, so I can keep playing on mobile.

I’m still considering porting to XNA, but I need to sit down and think seriously about whether or not I have the willpower to commit to rebuilding EN yet again (ENXNA would be the third incarnation and I’m pretty burnt out with Elibe, to be quite honest).

At the same time, I feel like I should at least publish a functional patch. Currently, the plan is to put one together in time for an FEE3 release. We’ll see how things shape up over the next few months.

Christmas 2017 confirmed


Project name: FE8 Randomizer Fix Patch + Otaku’s Randomizer V1.2
Platform: FE8 (Possibly FE7 too if I get motivation)
Showing: I will release a video and the download for both items so that people can play it to their heart’s content.

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Project name: Fellblood Awakening
Platform: FE8
Showing: Short trailer with demo.

As unofficial project leader, I’m submitting our FEU Forum Self-Insert Hack into FEE3.

Project Name: FESS (Working title)
Platform: FE8
Showing: Complete Patch, if not, then Preview Patch.
Featuring: @Arch, with the work of @Ash3wl, @L95, @circleseverywhere, and more!


Is the Musical part in the title a joke?

As an old fogey of the fandom, the working title amuses me.


Good. We took inspiration from that. (Not really but I realized it and decided it was worth keeping)