FEE3 2014: get r 3 |< t on the |-| `/ P 3 traintracks


Due to the sheer number of submissions that have dropped out/haven’t been received, I’ll be shortening the event to two days instead of three. Pushing it back to Saturday in order to get the last few things sorted out. As I said before, this is the final call!

This is everything I’ve accounted for.

August 30th: (Opening night, starts 5PM EST)

  • FEE3 Opening Video
  • Elibian Nights (LP, Interview)
  • Inheritance of Ash (LP)
  • Awful Emblem (Trailer, Patch, LP)
  • Fractured Realms (LP)
  • Eternal Bonds (LP)

August 31st:

  • Death or Glory (LP)
  • “The Renaissance” Panel (Podcast)
  • Clash of Fates (LP)
  • Modular Battle (Demo Map)
  • FE4Online (LP)
  • Fire Emblem: Bloodlines (LP, Interview)
  • Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword (???)
  • Exalted Legacy (LP, Demo)

Choo choo

Can’t wait to see the spiffy things

I can’t wait to watch at least a handful of the bugs I’ve found since I sent the patch prior to vacation!


the struggle for @Siuloir is real

waiting to see my patch crash


At least if my patch has bugs I can blame it on FireBlazingShell :P.

omg it’s todaaaay

omg there’s only 47 more minutes to procrastinaaaate ahem @Arch ahem

h `/ p 3 |)
c| 0 || ’ t
3 / 3 ||

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5 minutes!

tyme 2 get r3kt

and then arch forgets to post anything on feu and keeps all the updates on SF


Klok plays Clash of Fates, as well.

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Road to Ruin

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@Venno We neeeeeeeeeed you for the summmmmmmmittttttt where are you???

Inheritance of Ash

Awful Emblem (pt 1)

Death or Glory