FEditor leaves out changed Portrait ID's when importing script

To give the situation: I did a mass Find/Replace of character names, and portrait IDs for a randomized recruitment ROM. I exported, and imported the script using FEditor, and edited it in Word.

However, something went wrong with FEditor, as it would leave out the changed portrait IDs when I imported the script into the ROM. Here’s the image of the text editor showing no portrait ID(6th line), and the result.

Text Editor


Is there any way to fix this, because putting my time onto this, only for it to be wasted, would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

My immediate reaction is that if you used Word, it might have inserted formatting that caused things to be excluded in the conversion to pure text. A pure text editor is probably safer in cases like this.

You could just replace the actual portraits. Like, find Karel’s portrait, export it, find Lilina’s, import Karel’s over it. It just takes a couple of clicks, so you could probably do the whole cast in like 30 minutes.

(…Or wait for someone to come along with a real solution, I guess :V )

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I took your first advice, and find/replace the ID’S in Notepad++. The good news is that it actually worked. The changed portrait ID’s went through the FEditor, and I was able to see Karel as shown below. Thanks a lot for your help.