FEditor Adv inserting character portraits?

ok so guys this might sound like a dumb question but why wont FEditor Adv let me insert my custom character portraits?
any help would be awesome thx in advance guys

i’m not sure what bit depth is, is that the number for number of colors? but if not, did you check if there are only 16 colors max?

It would help if you could show us the portrait itself.
Though it’s probably more than 16 colours as is the case with most people. Open it in Usenti and see how many colours it has.

heres the image im trying to insert ill try it in usenti and check

Your portrait has too many colors. A portrait can only have 15 colors maximum, plus the background. When I open it up in Usenti it has well over 30 colors.

ok how about now is it 16 for you it is for me

No, it still has over 30. There’s some stray pixels with random colors, and the eye and mouth frames contain colors not used by the main portrait. If you aren’t already, I highly recommend opening the portrait in Usenti. On the right it shows you all the colors in use, and you’ll be able to pinpoint where they are.

i have it open in usenti but how do i have it pinpoint the extra colors iv narrowed it down to about 3 or 4 random pixels that are just there repeating and i dont really know where they are

use the requantize function in usenti under palette dropdown. then undo and redo to see where the stray colors are

Here, I did it for you. You seemed to have a lot of duplicate colours that were off by 1 value in the RGB scale, as well as some stray pixels.

What I do usually is screenshot the palette bar thingy and use the floodfill recolor method and combining super similar colors.

thank you bluedruid for doing that but i had just finished remaking him but yours looks better then mine has its some parts that overlapping where on they shouldn’t be but i thought that was just user error and i was right looks like got a long ways to go on making portraits also thank you to all of you who have replayed to this to help me