FEBuilderGBA Help - Unit not in preparation screen or map

So I’m working on the third chapter of a FE8 rom hack and I’ve run into an issue. The chapter I’m on is the first one with the Preparations Screen. The problem is my '“lord” character is missing from the Pick Units and Items menu. He even disappears from the map even though he’s placed on the map in the Start Event. I’m honestly out of ideas to what the issue is, do any of you know?

As i alway say: send report.7z to 7743 via febuilder - menu -

Did you use INVIS/REMU on the lord in the previous chapter?

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If you have any question, please create a report7z and send it.
For how to create report7z, please click here.

No I don’t think I did, I can’t even find that command in the event editor.

Did you use the DISA command on your lord in the previous chapter? Because that command deletes playable units from the party

No I didn’t, I haven’t used any command in the Start or End events that would mess with the problematic unit. I also tested the Preparations Screen on other chapters and it still doesn’t work, even in the prologue.

Why don’t you send report7z?

I may as well

I figured it out, I had Supply checked in the Character Editor for that unit. I feel like an idiot.

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I know this is old but this helped me out so don’t feel so bad