Febuilder unit skill patch

I installed this fe builder patch for adding personal skills to units. For some reason, the hit rates got all fucked up and the eny growths did too. The main lord would once have 100 hit against a specific armour knight, but now it is only 22. I checked the weapon hit rates, weapon triangle effects, and stats of both units, but there was nothing wrong. I tried changing then fixing hit rates for weapons, but that didn’t work. As for the unit growths, I didn’t check as i believe they might now be using generic enemy growths within classes rather than specific unit growths. This is only slightly inconvenient bc i was using character growths for all the generics. Also, the bases seemed to be changed, though that may just be weird rng and aforementioned changed growths.

Skill sys patch doesn’t effect hit rates, although skills on classes could. Look at what skills enemies have and what terrain they’re on. You should be able to calculate the avoid yourself, as it’s speed*2 + luck + terrain avoid, iirc. Hit rate should be skill*2 + (1/2 luck) + weapon hit, I think.

Otherwise, send a report7z if you want someone to talk a look at your data.