FEbuilder Noob

Hi everyone! I am currently making my first romhack using this software, and I have hit a wall in the animations area. I am attempting to export the animations, edit them, and then reupload to make some of my custom classes look like they should, instead of what they were previously. However, when I do this, the colors seem to be limited to what is already present in the file. For example, I wanted to change Ephriam into Link from the Legend of Zelda, but since there is no green on Ephriam’s sheet beside the background color, the file seems to autofill any green color to that same background color. This makes it impossible for me to edit these files into what I want them to look like. Can someone please explain to me what is happening and how to fix it? I am probably just being dumb.

I’m equally as inept at animations, but what I do know is each animation only has a limit on 16 colors, and that might be why. Whatever goes over 16 might just loop back to the bg color?

Any chance you know how to change those colors? Should I just keep the colors the same and then change the pallet in the Palette Editor?

Battle animation can use up to 16 Colors in one animation.
In addition, the first palette is used as the background color, so you have 15 Colors available.
Also, in a single battle animation, all images must utilize a common palette.

If you change these with image editing software that can not handle the palette, it will be messy.
FEBuilderGBA tries to manage to import images with strange palettes correctly, but fails if the images pallete are too strange.

Please, Use image editing software that can handle palettes correctly.
//I using edge. http://takabosoft.com/edge