Febuilder idea I literally had in the shower

Okay so what if reinforcements enemy reinforcements fe games love to have but for the player?

Like I had this idea of being able to select up to 5 units to something called a backup battalion or something at the start of a level like you do with ordinary units and then after a certain amount of turns (maybe like 5) the lord can have a command to call the battalion and they’ll appear somewhere in the map

How does it sound? and how difficult would it be to actually make?

So… that one FE9 level?


You can already load units mid-chapter through events, so it’d just be a matter of being able to do conditionals as to who gets loaded, I think. One could probably put together a rudimentary selection screen using a “base” map.

Nice, Green units gaming

I’m just gonna act like I agree because never played it

Not playing FE9 is a serious crime and you will be brought to court for trial.

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I much prefer fates to path of radiance

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I agree with @Yasako. You could just have a base map or something before, then remove those units from the party. And then just add them back in when they spawn as reinforcements in the chapter. It would be tedious to do for every chapter, but it’s not particularly hard to do for a few chapters in a hack.