FEArena - An online reimplementation of Fire Emblem PvP - Looking for help

I’ve seen a few other people making various things, inspired my Mekkah’s recent FEGBA Link Arena videos. The project I’m presenting here is also inspired by the same, but instead of modifying an existing ROM, I’m trying to make it more accessible by making it a webapp and taking cues from Pokemon Showdown, which does something conceptually similar.

With that introduction, I present FE Arena version 0.0.0!

So far, I’ve played to my expertise and developed the backend for the webservice I hope this will eventually become. Currently, it supports all of the battle mechanics of FE2-FE16 (with the exceptions of FE14’s experience formula, and non-GBA support systems, which are not yet implemented), and comes with an API for a teambuilder and for arena-mode battles in general.

I plan to expand the project, if possible, to encompass every game’s mechanical systems, and to support FEDS/FE14-style skirmishes in addition to the GBA Link Arena-style battles we start with. However, now that I’ve got a proof of concept up and running, I’m asking for help.

First of all, I need people with front-end webdev experience to help build an interface for this (presumably in Angular or similar), which will make it possible for people to actually use. The initial goal will be to replicate the GBA-style visuals and mechanics, and expand out from there as more game modes are implemented.

Second of all, I’ll need people to help with the various peripherals of backend development - code review, debugging, documentation, and optimization. This is closer to my own area of expertise, and I’ll get it done eventually, but help would definitely be welcome.

I’m trying to take cues from Pokemon Showdown, a very successful competitive pokemon simulator, in building this, as it’s done an excellent job in essentially the same thing (taking the underemphasized PvP aspects of a popular Nintendo franchise, and making them accessible to fans in isolation, more conveniently than they are ingame). Like PS, this project will be open-source.

And that’s all I have to say for now. If you’re interested in helping with this project, please feel free to reach out! I’ve been spending most of my free time the past two weeks on this, and getting to this stage was my primary goal, so I haven’t decided where to go from here yet. We’ll figure it out.


Oh wow, it’s really cool to see something like this in the works!


Ok this sounds really cool but aren’t we forgetting how bad fire emblem PVP is?

Pokemon has decent pvp at least (even though the solo gameplay has no strategy to it), while fire emblem has good single player mode but terrible pvp modes. And pokemon has a waaaay way bigger fanbase, too. :disappointed_relieved:

I think it won’t become popular unless it has gratuitous fanart like the subreddit.

Please don’t do that. :expressionless:

Maybe if we design the pvp gameplay ourselves then we could make it decent. Still, that’d require a lot of work. I’m not that optimistic that this will succeed. But I’d definitely love to try it out when that is possible. I’d be happy to help with testing it - I promise not to dismiss it if it’s buggy or very much a work in progress. I’m sorry for the doubt. It sounds cool and I really hope the project succeeds.

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@Vesly If I trust my memory of Fates PvP, the biggest issue that comes to mind is lack of incentive to approach. I think this could be solved either by alternate game modes (Seize/Defend?) or creative map design (including perhaps blocking off spaces towards the edges of the map as the game goes on, forcing players towards each other).

In other words, I think it’s definitely an issue, but one that that good design could surmount. And while I’m not one who could probably do that good design, I’m sure the community together could figure something out.


This would revolutionize online play in my friend group! Please do design from the ground up like Pokemon Showdown, with maps, stat determination and unrestricted weapon choice. I assume you guys have seen this. And videos I think based off of it here and here is how to step it up.