[FE9-RE][Done!] [FE10-RE][Done!]Rebuild FE9,10 in gba use FE8(Translation HIRING)

Same here

Allright, so whoever who can’t figure out how to patch the translation do this:

Get a jp fe8 rom
Download the UI translation patch
And search in google “rom patcher JS”
Just patch it, rename the patched rom and erase the “.txt” at the end of the file name so your emulator can read it as a game

So i have been playing the translated UI version of the game and there has been these things that feels like it shouldn’t be like that. We have:

In the first picture you can see that the value on text is 3000 so why does it sell at 10k?

In the second: that one thief from that chapter just didn’t move at all, i rushed for nothing

I do not have a picture for this but why the “mana” system counts as aid too? Is that intended? Basically every unit can rescue every other one while they have enough mana to do so and that is just weird i do not know how is that intended

For the first one, I think the description is wrong. It should be 10000.

The AI for that thief is not set properly.

This is the way how we implement the mana system. It is “intended” because of the limitation.

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Ok, so the gem is ok, and the mana system. That is nice

Unrelated but i just wanna say i love the refuge mechanic

Been meaning to play this one and finally got around to it. Having a good time, just wish the whole thing was translated but the UI patch is enough for now.

So I tried and it doesn’t let me, and there is no txt file, I got a Jp fe8 rom, the translation ui patch, and they won’t patch.

Hmmm really weird, try again, i think that happened to me too, try like 5 times until it patches, does the web page look like this?

It is that site ya, the problem is when I press the button nothing happens, like at all, as if I’m not pressing it

Managed to get it working! Just wondering if transfer / NG+ is a thing or it the game goes from FE9 to FE10

Glad it finally worked, and idk about the other thing, you should ask the devs