[FE9-RE][Done!] [FE10-RE][Done!]Rebuild FE9,10 in gba use FE8(Translation HIRING)

Hi wolf can you plss send here the latest version and english version? I wanna try this game right now hehe

You know, there’s “translation hiring” in the title for a reason.



New here to rom hacking in general. Can seem to get the patch to work with NUPS for changing the game to the fe9+fe10.ups files (the newest version) but when I try to add the English UI translation patch it is telling me it’s a “mismatch” and won’t patch. Any suggestions on if I’m doing something wrong or missing something?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome here. :wink:
I strongly advise you to wait until the complete english translation is finished (plot, descriptions and all). Playing such a gem with only menus and options translated makes no sense.

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This project looks awesome :+1: Hope the English translation gets done one day, would love to fully understand the text to appreciate the love and passion that was put into this project. Giving my best regards and support as a new user :pray:

So anyway i’ve read this big wall of replies but i didnt undesrtand one thing: how to patch on android devices?
I played fe9 in the past on my pc but it broke so im playing fe games on my phone.
I didnt found the latest game link + menu english patch (probally bc i skipped without knowing) and i dont know if an android patcher works soooo if somewone wants to share these links it would help thanks :+1:

As for me I have always used UniPatcher apk which has always worked excellently with the gba FE hacks. Try it out.

Game looks great
Just wanted to know how to patch the translation to the ROM?

I use it too
I already patched some DS games using it

The thing is, this thread seems too much massive and anti-newcomers
It would be easier if somewone made an showcase with the links and tutorial

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Demake.st10
How do i beat chap27?
Nothing i do works
If i use generals it gets killed by distance mages
If i use mages it gets killed by balistas
If i use laguz it gets hit by beserk staffs
I really dont know how i beat this chapter, and i havent even got to black knight yet

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Is their an english translation planned?

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Hi it looks like you’re looking for translators. I am fluent in both Chinese and English and might be able to help.



Yeah, we need translators.


Hi, I’m an ABC. My Chinese reading isn’t great, but I loved these games and would love to help out however I can with translating this mod.


Also, is 5.9 the newest version or is the one below it the newest version?


5.9 is the last version

Just curious, is the translation done for the combo pack? I would love to play both FE9 and 10 on gba, but Radiant Dawn is my favorite out of the two and to my knowledge the combo isn’t finished in English.


can someone please explain me how to beat endgame part 3 in radiant dawn , the boss is too op

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I stopped there too awhile back, I hope there’s an answer

Hello. Thank you for your kind offer. Were you able to contact the authors of this hack? Have you started translating menus, plot and dialogues yet? As you know an english translation for those is awaited and coveted by many, including yours truly. :wink:

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