[FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.3.2]


So after fully completing a run of this randomizer, it went pretty smooth for the most part. My prior post sums up how everything continued to go for the most part.The only models I wasn’t sure what was causing issues, was Sothe being promoted. My run had him as a Fighter, but after promoting him to a Warrior he went back to being a placeholder model on the map, but was fine in battle scenes.

The main issue I want to mention (which was lots of fun btw) was recruiting Geoffrey. He was randomized into a Halberdier for me, yet retained his normal bow rank from his standard Paladin class. It was fully functional, and was amazing to use a foot soldier with a bow, but the model would get very wonky as a result. Battle animations would of course crash the game as thats not a valid weapon type for a Halberdier. Incredibly entertaining, however very easy to cause constant accidental crashes.

Turns out if you finish a map with Geoffrey with a bow equipped, his model would become a placeholder, and if you unequip his bows, or try and equip a Lance, the game would try to update his model back to Halberdier and crash. As a placeholder model he was still completely useable but only with bows. However I discovered the way you can fix this is by rescuing him in the middle of a map to remove his model from the field, then have someone trade him a lance to his Slot 1 and then drop him and he would be fixed entirely. After having the Halberdier model back, he can swap back and forth mid map however much he wants, you just have to make sure he doesn’t end the map with a bow equipped. However this could become an issue if your randomized game has no one big enough to rescue him.
But like I mentioned it was super fun to be able to mess with, as once he had a bow equipped he would wobble around, randomly float and “dropkick” people. This was the initial discovery when we used a bow the first time: https://clips.twitch.tv/BashfulPiercingTubersFeelsBadMan

I’m also not entirely sure if this would happen with every class for Geoffrey or if it was just a wild coincidence since the game detected that he was still able to wield lances and figured he was still a bow paladin?

I know you saw some of the run that was uploaded to YT, and mentioned how bombarded I got with mages being something you hadn’t seen happen before. Just 1 persons awful luck might not be enough to add an option to the randomization about extra mage classes, but it’s definitely something I would personally appreciate lol

The last issue I want to mention is Laguz. It could have been merely coincidence and extremely cursed luck, but every laguz character ended up with absolutely abysmal growths. My guess is it has something to do with the transformations they normally use in a non-randomized game, but to give you a clear look, this was every Laguz in the game’s growth’s:

Laguz Growths

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 050%][ 050%][ 000%][ 040%][ 020%][ 035%][ 030%][ 000%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 015%][ 030%][ 030%][ 015%][ 015%][ 010%][ 005%][ 025%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 030%][ 020%][ 010%][ 020%][ 025%][ 020%][ 020%][ 025%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
Growths: [ 040%][ 035%][ 010%][ 030%][ 035%][ 010%][ 025%][ 045%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 050%][ 025%][ 025%][ 015%][ 015%][ 025%][ 000%][ 020%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 030%][ 000%][ 005%][ 030%][ 015%][ 035%][ 025%][ 020%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 035%][ 020%][ 015%][ 000%][ 015%][ 025%][ 005%][ 005%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 055%][ 000%][ 015%][ 040%][ 000%][ 040%][ 040%][ 040%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 015%][ 040%][ 015%][ 045%][ 010%][ 010%][ 000%][ 035%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 030%][ 020%][ 005%][ 015%][ 030%][ 010%][ 030%][ 025%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 075%][ 035%][ 005%][ 005%][ 025%][ 000%][ 050%][ 035%]

[ HP ][ Str ][ Mag ][ Skl ][ Spd ][ Lck ][ Def ][ Res ]
[ 061%][ 015%][ 060%][ 020%][ 060%][ 045%][ 050%][ 020%]

Tibarn, Naesala and Giffca’s growths don’t necessarily matter since they come in on Endgame anyways, but out of all the rest, the only one that ended up with workable growths was Reyson, Ulki, and Maurim. Super low 0-15 % growths were a pretty common occurrence throughout the full run of mine, however every time we would recruit a Laguz, they were absurdly bad. Again, this could be a coincidence, hard to say without a lot of other players data, but it was pretty disappointing to see every time a new Laguz was recruited.

Sorry for the essay, but I had loads of fun with this randomizer, even in such an early state and I wanted to make sure to give feedback where I could to help push this further to make it the best it can be one day. Thanks for creating this, and finally kickstarting the Tellius randomization development

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Good timing here since I’m currently on vacation and actually working on this in-between vacationing things. I’m glad you had a good time with the randomizer.

Models continue to mess with me, as you have been able to tell different characters react differently to being assigned models, so i haven’t been able to fix that.

Geoffrey seems to have an issue where he is assigned the ability to use bows as his promotion choice at some point, and that doesn’t check for his class? Maybe because he is a green unit they have to be roundabout about it. I can’t find where it happens.

Laguz growths is probably a simple mistake. At first i thought it was only Mordekai and Lethe, who are a bit special so i was a bit worried, but it should be easy to fix.

I want to get back around to watching the rest of your run at some point too, whenever I’m back in the mood for watching more than playing or coding again :slight_smile:


Finally got back around to fixing stuff for a v.1.3


This is a really cool tool! I’m sure once some of the limitations get figured out it’ll be a really solid editor. One question I have: How does the game handle model changes on promotion? Specifically, if I have say, Largo replacing Boyd and starting out as a bandit, can i have his first model be AID_BANDIT while his second model still set to the Largo specific AID_BANDIT2_LA? (apologies if these are not completely correct, I’m not at my computer to double check these)


Model 1 is used when unpromoted/untransformed, model 2 when promoted/transformed, no connection between the two. I could probably change class promotions and still have it work if the models were set accordingly. Some characters like Mist respond weirdly to different models, so if anyone turns into a black ranger, you can try setting no model instead.


Got it, thanks for the help!


Question: Would it be possible to use this editor to create a patch for the game, rather than editing the game’s root folder directly?
I wanted to make a small hack for a friend that changes all mounted units into foot units as a gag gift of sorts, hence why I’m asking.

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You can’t make a patch with the editor, but you could make your edits and then try to use something like Lunar IPS to make a patch out of it.

If that doesn’t work (it very well might not), then you could get your friend to do the GCTool and GCRebuilder portions of the instructions, but instead of opening the editor, just have him replace system.cmp and the zmap folder with those from your edited version.

Otherwise you may need to send the whole thing unfortunately.


I see. Thanks!


So has the issure concerning adding weapons and skills to a character been resolved. So, for example, if I have a Calvary Ike I could have Canto and Resolve on him, with a Iron Lance and Silver sword in his inventory?


Nope, still no clue

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Hello, I tried to play a Randomized game, but I have a blackScreen freeze after the ‘Warning’ message (before of the intro plays) So what can I do, is there a Discord or anything to contact you a give details? I’m using the PAL Version of the game as base, I got an error that says: ‘Invalid read from 0x0001bc2b, PC = 0X8023d008’ What can I do to solve this? I used your most recent version of the randomizer. Thanks.


That is usually when there is a pretty big thing wrong, like a file failing to compress. It often happens from having files open in another program while using the editor, or building the game with the editor open.


I tried randomizing each field in the european version, also I try to close every other program while I do each step and it keeps happening, thanks for your time


I can randomize and play the european version just fine on the latest version, so it’s not a general issue. Do you still get the issue if you just open the root in the editor and then Save & Quit without making edits? If yes, does it happen even if you didn’t use the editor at all and just rebuild the vanilla game?


Made an account just to post here. This is some great stuff.
Unfortunately, I’m running into an issue where the game crashes after the Intelligent Systems logo upon randomizing. The editor seems to work just fine for me, though. If there’s any solutions you could suggest, I’d sure appreciate it.

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Are you using exactly stable release 5.0 of Dolphin? No extra numbers.
That error usually happens when using different versions of Dolphin


Ah, yeah I’m using the latest version of Dolphin.
I installed the stable 5.0 version of Dolphin, but now I’m running into another issue… I’m getting a message “Unknown entry type 6 in SYSCONF (IPL.TID@1818)!”
After closing that message, the Dolphin program opens up along with another warning: “Trying to read from invalid SYSCONF.” Trying to close this just results in it reopening endlessly, making Dolphin unusable.
I imagine this is getting out of your area of expertise, so I won’t try to have you troubleshoot that. Thanks anyway, though.


i have the usa ISO plus GC-tool but i cant extract the root, GC-tool doesn aknowledge the iso i have
i can play the game on dolphin but cant randomized it cause i have no root


What is the problem more specifically?
Is it that you can’t find the iso? Then try setting it to Files of type: All Files.
If you can open it but extracting causes an error, try if you can find a different iso and see if it still happens.