[FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.2]


Ah, I was getting that error then. I was expecting an error at the end of the command prompt. This is what my error states too,

And this is the About window for my version of Dolphin

Something else I noticed is the first randomization, Ike was rolled to be a Heron class and had Chant. Every roll after that, no matter what class he rolled into, his skill was still Chant. This was for him being rerolled each attempt into a Myrimidon, a Fighter, a Dragon Knight, and a Cat Laguz, from the ones I saw. Each time I made sure to reclick the boxes for full stat buffs and all four check boxes for randomization.


Skill randomization seems to be doing that to me, too. With skill randomization activated, units will either keep their vanilla skills are have it replaced by Chant. This didn’t seem to occur much in the earlier versions of the randomizer, but in the newer one, a disproportionate amount of units got it despite not even being Herons.


I tried using 4.0, and before the opening movie, it crashed. With 5.0, I get an error message, and then I have to close (I tried to press the X button several times, because other times with other errors doing this would just skip it and then work just fine, but this was not the case).


When i made a check to prevent the skill randomization from taking away Chant from Herons and Lockpick from Theives, i accidentally reversed it so these are the only ones that can be randomized.


tfw after a couple tries it finally works…

…And I’m stuck with cleric Ike so I couldn’t complete the prologue.

Now it’s not working and I get an error either before the opening cutscene or before the prologue. I’ll try again after a computer restart as suggested.


I love this job, i enjoyed a lot playing this.

The issue is, that you can´t level down characters like Gatrie or Kieran, even if you whanna make them pre-promoted or laguz, their starter level is always 5 and 12 or higher, i didnt noticed another character with this issue maybe because didnt try it.


So could you like, I dunno, fix the system.cmp error everyone is having? Because cmd is still throwing errors because your program tries to double access that file (thus getting denied access when the 2nd attempt happens), and whatever comes out of the program when that happens always turns into a faulty ROM that dies before the press start screen, presumably because whatever alterations that needed to be made to system.cmp so the ROM doesn’t break aren’t made since it can’t open that file since it’s already open.


This weekend.


There, 1.2.

  • The system.cmp simultaneous access issue should be fixed now.
  • Skill randomizing, fixed the main bug, might be some bugs hiding under it still, idk.
  • Ike can’t become classes that can’t fight.


Found a new “bug” (quotes because this seems to be more of a quirk with the game than a bug):

If Ike has any other starting skill besides “Protagonist”, he can’t seize. Thankfully, the first seize map is very early in the game, so this was caught quickly and easily.


Did the skill randomizer remove it, or did you?
I marked skills you probably shouldn’t mess with in bold in the editor.


I didn’t do anything in the editor aside from the usual randomizing. Ike got the Renewal skill from the randomizer, which I assume replaced his Protagonist skill. I had to use the editor itself to change it back.