[FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.2]


The rebuild option was greyed out. I’m 99% sure I hit the “Also extract header, apploader, DOL, and TOC” button, but I may have messed up somewhere else. I’m just gonna try it again from the top.


Yep, still can’t do it. What do you mean by save it to an iso? I’m not entirely sure what I’m missing here. I’m reasonably certain I have the right root folder, I just don’t seem to be able to do anything with it.

I’m sure this is some 101/Baby’s first ROM hack type stuff, I just have no idea what I’m doing


In GCRebuilder, rebuilding is a 3 step process, all in the “Root” menu: “Open” a root folder, “Save” an iso, then “Rebuild” the iso with the root folder.


Okay so I’ve been having fun playing the randomizer for a few days now and here’s some things I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen in the comments so far:

-Boyd as a thief (not sure M or F) doesn’t crash the game but you get 1 error message per frame when you select him.

-The randomizer was fine until Ch8. After that, everyone I recruited had different textures but had their original class (I’m up to ch9 so Ilyana, Lethe, and Mordecai are mage/cat/tiger instead of what the randomizer said they should be, soldier/heron/wind mage F).

-It seems one reason for the black ranger appearing is if you’re already using a character model, and there’s 2 characters with the same model (Rhys was using Mist’s skin and cleric. Mist was still a cleric and was black ranger). I know I’ve seen Rhys’s model as a priest but AID_Priest doesn’t exist as a texture. Is it by some other name?


Oh okay. I feel really dumb now, lol


Anyone I get randomized into a Heron can’t attack or use galdrar. They are 100% useless. Had a Sword Knight Soren who crashed the game if combat animations were on and he went into combat.


Herons can’t attack normally, and they need the Chant version of Canto to grant other units extra turns.


Priest is AID_BISHOP, while Bishop is “AID_BISHOP2”.
I think i have Lethe and Mordecai fixed up, and Marcia too, though i don’t know what the problem with Ilyana is.
You can probably play on, chapter 8 and 9 just happen to have characters with special circumstances.


I spent this weekend playing, and got up to ch 23 while fixing what i found along the way, including Thieves and Herons and many of the other issues mentioned here. I might be able to finish the game next weekend, and maybe get v.1.0 out as well.


Looking at the topic, im not sure if you have random skills or not, but would it be simple enough to randomize skill scrolls? like getting a Savior scroll, a Celerity scroll, or a Vortex scroll?

Also, how the heck does the game deal with the Growth Bands? and would be possible… to get a option to change the text of the growth bands, to say what they actually do? looking them up is obnoxious while playing, and there is SO MANY of them! Rather then “Raises growths” or whatever it currently says when examined, can we get “Gives +5%Str +5%HP Growth.” as the description?

and while i havn’t tried it yet, and maybe something for this already exists, but can we get some minor support for seeing who can actually recruit their targets? for example, for zihark, you might forget who lethe and mordicat are. could we get a option to maybe not randomize face portraits, or something, so if people have been moved around or forgotten, your not sitting there going “who the fuck is supposed to recruit Shinon again?”

or maybe just make it so that ike can activate every character recruitment? For example the makalov recruitment would be done with marcia OR ike, but either way the conversation acts as normal as if marcia started it. having no support for remembering who the heck recruits the unit, is a annoying thing with older randomizers.

i will maybe think of more later, but that should all be reasonably quick to think about if you could do it or not. and they would all be appreciated.

…actually, maybe as one last thing, a option to make the game always create bands even without a clear file? not everyone is great at manipulating save files, and it’s annoying. and i guess unlock fixed growth mode while your at it.


While good suggestions, none of these are things are the kind of things i have found how to edit. Not even adding more items to starting inventories, and i have been searching for that.
It doesn’t randomize names and portraits, so keeping track of units should be fine.


Oof. maybe contact the person who made the maniac mode patch, as they added a option to always allow bands and fixed growth mode, and might have hints to the other stuff.

i just hope this doesn’t die in the wind, but im guessing once you get busy, it will. especially if YUNE takes over. (and it will eventually, but it’ll be a long time…)


I’ve had trouble with recruitable enemy units only having their model changed and not their actual class. For example, Ilyana was turned into an axe knight in chapter 8, but she was still a thunder mage with the same movement and weapon usage. When she attacked the game got stuck on a battle animation loop on the map due to the axe knight not having a magic animation. I wanted to go into the dispos files to fix this, but I have no idea how the pointers to the classes and weapons work.


Yeah Ilyana and Marcia seem to be the two big issues upon being randomized / edited to different classes.


There, finally done with v1.0. It should fix most of the issues people have had, as well as add editing for Name ID, positions, and randomized skills. Some notable things:

  • Enemy growth boost actually works now, and can be applied either to all stats, only the offensive ones(Str/Mag/Skl/Spd), or only the damage ones (Str/Mag)
  • Many misattributed model are fixed, but there are probably still some out there.
  • Cats models for transformed/untransformed are no longer the wrong way around.
  • Sages no longer have massively inflated odds of appearing in the randomization.
  • The randomizer now repurposes the female paladins to hopefully give prepromoted paladins 2 weapon types instead of 1, lets see if it actually works though.
  • Shinon can no longer become a Laguz, so that the fact that he loses his weapon in his re-recruitment won’t leave him useless.
  • Herons and no others now always have Chant, same for thieves with Lockpick.
    – Volke retains his 50 gold lockpick unless you randomize skills, as it is a separate skill.
  • I don’t know what Ilyana’s deal is. As far as i can tell she should work, but she might still not.
  • Removed F!Theif and F!Assassin as they crash the game.


So now we’re able to randomize the skills too?


I haven’t tested it much, but it should work fine. Still only exchaning. I just had to make sure nothing important got replaced.


Is it possible to edit the classes and levels of the enemies in the chapters as well? I would like to make the enemies in the later chapters stronger. I’ve looked in the dispos files and couldn’t find out how the enemy classes are sorted out.


The enemies use a bunch of character entries that come after the playable and boss ones, that they seem to share by unit type. Like PID_DAYNE_HAL, PID_DAYNE_PLD, PID_DAYNE_SAG. These contain base stats you can edit like any other character. The dispos files contain which ones appear in the chapter with their class, equipment, and behavior.


I was wondering how the pointers to the class names work in the dispos editor specifically.