[FE9] Character Editor and Randomizer [v1.2]


Ah i see thank you


Running into the same problem with a white screen after the prologue cutscene, tried starting the whole randomize process with both an ISO and a GCM file to see if it would make any difference, and both did the same thing.


Can you try opening the randomized root folder with the editor and check what skill Ike has if any? Is it both US game files you have? I have an inkling of what it may be if that’s the case.


Yes, both of my files are the US copies. As for Ike’s skill, all he has is the “Protagonist” skill, which is the same in an unrandomized root folder.


Hmm, so not what i expected. What about the classes of the characters in the prologue?


If you mean just the data for Griel and Boyd in the prologue, both have remained the same as vanilla. For the randomized root I have right now, Ike and Mist’s data have them as a Pegasus Knight and a Female Lance Knight respectively, and I can’t really check that ingame for obvious reasons.


I ran the program and got everything set up, but when I start the game it gets past all the company logos, then displays an error message that reads, “invalid read from 0x3c86cce0, PC = 0x802344a8” and then I can’t continue.

Nevermind, I rebuild it as .iso instead of .gcm and it works now


I ran the program and everything… However nothing changed.


Trying out a run of this to see how it goes. On chapter 2 now, and have noticed a couple things:

  • Like some other people mentioned, Ike’s starting weapon gets removed just like the Trainer sword does. If he’s a pegasus knight or wyvern knight this is just an inconvenience since you can get him a weapon later on, but I imagine if he’s a hawk or raven this would make him unusable for the entire game.

  • My Titania ended up as a sage, but can only use Wind magic. I know enemy mages are this way in-game, but I didn’t know if this was something you intended on the player end or not (or if it’s something you can even avoid for that matter).

I’ll try and mention anything else worth noting as I find it.


Just keep in mind it is still pretty broken until i get to v1.0. There are actually like 16 different sages with different weapon access, and i just included them all in the random selection.


Don’t worry, I’m not expecting it to run perfect or anything. Just figured I’d see how it plays now to make finding issues easier.


For me, the problem was actually my version of Dolphin.

I asked someone to upload their Dolphin folder (which was a version from almost 2 years ago) and it worked fine.
There is still plenty error pop ups when loading/moving/using black ranger sprites, but the errors can be clicked through and the game works otherwise.

Here’s the working Dolphin version. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DhnCOcGvvQlDL0UMzkxIyf78ZMqctME8


Can you tell me a bit about what black rangers are causing errors? Because the black rangers in and of themselves actually work perfectly fine, the underlying error is sometimes a problem though.
Also, for any laguz class that shows up as a black ranger, the solution is actually to set their texture to (none).


So my Marcia got randomized as the Mia myrmidon, and she appeared as one when you first see her in Chapter 3. But when she showed up in Chapter 9, she turned back into a pegasus knight (black ranger model ofc), and ended up remaining that way once recruited. I’ll look out for what happens to Jill.


Apart from Laguz two Lions in my case, I have a black ranger Peg Knight Marcia, Sword Knight Nephenee, and a Soldier Lethe that cause errors.

As a side note, Rolf is a Leanne modeled Heron that can’t attack or use galdr, and Ilyana is a Reyson modeled Mage.


I got the chapter 3 without any major issues by using the Dolphin build provided by Fuckle, as I couldn’t figure out how to get past the white screen either on recent Dolphin Builds.

Two noteworthy things were:

  1. As others have mentioned, the Lion classes’ overworld sprite is either non-existent or not chosen properly, which results in it being replaced by a black ranger.

  2. The more noteworthy occurrence, was that it seems as though the unused female thief class is rather broken. Gatrie spawned as one and had all of his stats capped at 0 aside from luck, and was unable to use daggers. I went back in and changed it to a male thief which fixed the problem.

Other than that, it worked rather well!

Here are a few screenshots of the bugged class. https://imgur.com/a/IijEPX1


I’ve been making an Reverse Recruitment of sorts (beorc/laguz separately cuz I was a bit afraid of what the game might do) just to see how far I can stretch these tools but here’s a few bits that I’ve noticed a few oddities, and I thought it might help if I listed some of the issues I’ve been facing while playtesting this:

(Note: when I say X!Y, I mean Unit X being edited to have the portraits, animations textures, bases, growths, inventory, weapon ranks, etc. as if he/she was Unit Y.)

  • Ike!Elincia still has Ike’s portrait despite being assigned FID_ERINCIA2, is it not possible to change Ike’s portrait?

  • Mia!Tanith’s assigned Reinforcement skill does not work. I’ve tried promoting her to Falcon Knight and it still didn’t work. I wonder if Reinforce is only possible after Chapter 18 and onwards, or that it simply won’t work on units that aren’t vanilla!Tanith?

  • Ilyana!Devdan has the Soldier map sprite but everything else about him is a Mage (F) just like vanilla Ilyana, he even came with Thunder and Elthunder, even when I assigned him different weapons.

  • Tormod!Marcia and Mordecai!Naesala crashes the game upon entering combat, only when Animations are turned ON.

  • Marcia!Tormod correctly spawns as a Mage (M) with items I have assigned him as an NPC in Chapter 2, but this is not the case when he returns as an NPC in Chapter 10 - he instead spawns as a Pegasus Knight with vanilla Marcia’s inventory, with the black Ranger map sprite.

  • Ike and Volke’s portrait change when promoted overwrites their normal portrait, haven’t wound where it happens.
  • Reinforce “joins” you in chapter 18
  • Marcia will be fixed for 1.0

The rest i will have to see on.


Thanks, that’s great to hear. I hope Ilyana is addressed soon as well, she’s the one remaining unit that resists being edited properly so far when I playtested the proto-RR up to Chapter 12…


Increasing enemy growths doesn’t appear to work for me.