[FE8U]Removing the class bitpacking to allow for 255 classes

the source because I know that’s all you came for:

#include "Extensions\Hack Installation.txt" #define HookLocation 0x01C090 //Debug Bootup, obviously Unused PUSH //Removing a bit off mov bonus(suspend only uses 4) //Saving Routine ORG 0xA575C WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Loading Routine ORG 0xA6104 WORD 0xFFFFFE1F //Using That bit to save and load bit 8 of class class ORG 0xA535C SHORT 0x4008 0x6018 0x2080 0x4001 0x0089 0x8159 0 0 ORG 0xA57B4 BL(HookLocation); SHORT 0 0 ORG HookLocation SHORT 0x4668 0x8941 0x0589 0x0FC9 0x01C9 0x7800 0x0640 0x0E40 0x4308 0x4770 ORG 0xA5840 POP

Basically, Suspend allocates 4 bits for mov bonus. however, normal save allocates 5 bits for it. so what I did, was I made it so mov bonus for normal save was 4 bits, and used the newly allocated bit to store the top bit of the class index, to allow for 0xFF, aka 255 classes.
Proper save expansion is coming soon™ I promise.

Pictured here: Eirika with class ID 0x82.

FEBuilder patch:
how to install: put folder in config\patch\FE8U, and it should autodetect.


I applied the patch, but it only seems to work with Eirika, and not Seth.

I don’t know if there’s something I’m missing or it’s the fault of another patch.
The ROM also has the Skill System from circles.

It seems to work fine for me.

When I restart the chapter from the world map this happens…

Hey have a fix, credit teq for being less dumb than I am
Buildfile: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/235253973588639747/407643152091054080/Class_expansion.rar

Even with the fix, it seems to still do the same thing when restarting the world map. Now it is even worse.

Yeah he realised that he missed some other things.
Wait until tomorrow, it will be completely fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully the last fix, thanks to kao for helping.


When adding more classes, does it matter where I put the new class data or do I have to keep it with the rest of classes? And if I have to keep all classes together, since there is data right after classes, does that mean I have to relocate all classes to a new address?

Yes, you have to keep everything together. You cannot split the table into pieces.