[FE8U] Fire Emblem: The Mask of Dunham

Hello Everyone! I am honored to announce that after 6 long months of development we have another release for “Fire Emblem - The Mask of Dunham”
This release goes through chapter 10 which is more substantial than the last time.
You can download Mask of Dunham Right here: https://github.com/sme23/oat-hacc/releases/tag/0.2

And of course, what would a hack release be without some screenshots!!!

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We hope you enjoy what we have for you all! Feel free to leave any and all feedback in the comments of this thread, we’ll be sure to read them and them into account.


Team Leads:


Head dev:



Kanto Emblem
Zorua The Mageknight

Map Design:

Kanto Emblem


Zorua The Mageknight
Kanto Emblem


Kanto Emblem
Zorua The Mageknight
Twas I Hex Maniac




Kanto Emblem

Special Thanks!:


None of this would have been possible without these amazing individuals!

Until the next release!


You’ve already got a topic here:

Any reason why you’ve made a new thread? I’ve noticed the topics were made by different people. On a more positive note, congratulations on a new release.

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Thanks Darr! We wanted to revamp our thread, we debated adding to our old one but it’s ancient at this point we decided to just start a new one

Oh! Another project to keep me busy playing. I have played several projects this week. I will give yours a try, and perhaps share my thoughts on it. Those screens look great, and I already like the mugs of characters I see. Anyway, good job with it so far.

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Heh… Awsome

Here are some of my thoughts after having played this hack:

  • There’s a good amount of units available to the player, and at least for the most part they all seem
    viable. By viable I mean that you don’t get screwed over by preferring one unit over another. Even the one I found the weakest, Juliana, had her uses - I suppose I just got incredibly bad level ups with her, but at the later chapters of this release she was getting doubled by some enemies.

  • The maps are pretty fast to play and often feature another path to choose. There are incentives to split up your army as well, which is nice.

  • As for my favorite map so far, I’d probably say ch4 (the one with the thief making his way to the cell). It has nice gimmick - that being the thief who you have to stop - and the reinforcements incentivize you to push forward. With that being said, I do have a gripe with it, which is in my experience something that is prevalent in this release. Namely the starting positions: in several maps you start far away from the enemy, only a couple of your own get to do something and the rest you just lug around. Allowing the player to start a tad bit closer to the enemy would fix this issue. I think the worst offender is ch9. Removing parts of the wall or making it breakable would mean you could split up right off the bat.

  • Many of the houses in ch5 are either on the sides or the top. I’d suggest changing it up a little, as well as adding more green (forest and plain tiles) to the middle of the road in order to break the monotony and add some terrain variety. There also aren’t any enemies to the south where the vendor is. Place some of the wyverns there; since you’re using fence tiles, the enemy can get in the village without breaching the door.

As for some suggestions or things you might want to reconsider/ pay further attention to:

  • Make someone, Hex maybe? use Light magic instead. You already get a dark magic user in Natsumi, but as far as I know there are no Light magic users, and yet there are droppable Light tomes.

  • I think Thieves need the Steal skill in order to be able to actually steal items. I wasn’t able to get the Energy Ring, for example. I didn’t have the option to steal, even though Reno’s Speed was higher.

  • Some maps display Seize throne as the objective, but you don’t need to do that in order to clear them. For example,in ch4 blocking the thief and waiting there ends the chapter after Enemy Phase. I’d suggest you tie the chapter end event to opening the door: if the player opens it, chapter ends. If the thief opens it, it’s Game Over. If that doesn’t work, then maybe killing the thief would end the map? Another example is the last map, where defeating the boss ends the chapter.

  • In chapter 1, you can grind Ben against the hordes of brigands. If this is something you want to prevent, then I’d say you can do one or more of the following:

  1. Make the brigands more dangerous, whether that is by increasing their stats or giving them better weapons
  2. Make it so that they don’t yield any EXP
  3. Give the Berserker a Swordslayer too
  • Pay attention to Soldiers’ stats. They seem disproportionately weak compared to other enemies.
  • When new units appear, such as in ch7, move the camera so that they’re displayed on the screen. CAM1 + CUMO with FEBuilder is a handy command for that. If you’re not using FEB, I think there’s still some other similar command which you can use, I’m not too familiar with anything else so I can’t say for sure.
  • Bow cavs seem to cap at level 10. I suppose this is because they replace the trainee classes.

Overall, I say you have nice hack with good unit options and versatility going on, but there are things that could use polishing and ironing out. These are in my opinion little things that in the long run add to the player experience when addressed.


For anyone who’s interested I created a tier list maker for the hack:


As FEE3 approaches, We’ve put out a bugfix patch for release 2.

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When will the next release will be?:thinking:

There is a bug in chapter 7 in which even if you kill the boss it wont end while the goal is to defeat boss

Man, these were some good times. It sucks that it had to end the way it did, but this thread will always be a nostalgia trip for me.

So… how’s the progress with the ROM Hack?

As of now, the project is officially cancelled. I don’t know much as I left the team shortly before the cancellation. But I do know for a fact that all development has ceased.

Didn’t know it was cancelled. Sorry to hear the news about the project went into cancellation.