[FE8U] FE8 Free For All (4th allegiance test) - Update v4

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Youtube playlist with differently-randomized playthroughs
Originally, I just made this as a testing grounds for the 4th Allegiance Hack. But I felt like taking a few extra steps to make this functional so that other people could have a simple example of the capabilities of said hack, after it was completed.

When you start a game, you’ll be provided with 5 options of weapon types. After you pick one, you’ll get a unit of a randomized class that can use the selected weapon type.image
You’ll then be provided the “Solo Battle”, “Team Battle”, “Arena” and “Battle Royale” options, and you will go to the selected chapter. The maps of the first two are the same, featuring 8 starting rooms, arranged in a tournament-like pattern. The map of the third mode is different and consists of two islands, while the fourth one is a more open area.

Battle Royale

Controlling your one unit from the prologue, you’ll go against 15 red units, who will also attack each other, in a series of 1vs1 matches. There are also 6 purple healers in the map, they can heal any unit, can’t be attacked, and will attempt to escape the map when the middle room is opened. The map ends when only 1 among the blue and red units remain.

Team Battle

Blue, green and purple units are allied against the red team. You will receive 4 new randomized units, and every initial room will have 2vs2 battles. There is also a final boss in the middle. The map ends when all red units are defeated.

You will gain 1k gold at the start of the map, and with it you have to gain more through NPCs going into the arena. Full explanation in this post.

A few other changes include class stat changes and magic being locked to 2 range. There’s a lot of randomizing here, but I did try to make it a bit balanced anyway.


Why are we constantly getting closer to Fire Royale:Ultimate battle Emblem-swag edition?


For some reason, I’m updating this.

v2 changes:

-Fixed an eventing mistake that made it so the Battle Royale ended when 1 enemy was left (this was supposed to happen only if the player unit was already killed)
-Unlocking doors now give the unlocker an elixir and makes the AI want to use it the next turn, if they aren’t already at full HP.
-Unlocking doors might make the troubadours move closer to the unlocker the following turn.
-Some classes got their stats changed to be more balanced.
-Fixed the objective display, now they’re both rout.

I also made a Youtube playlist showing different playthroughs and results of the randomization and linked it in the first post. (Already recorded the videos, but at the time of this post they’re not done uploading yet.)

Believe it or not, I’m updating this…again.

Update v3 adds a third option after Battle Royale and Team Battle, the Arena option.

The short version of the explanation of this new chapter is:
You’ll be given 1k gold at the start, and constant new unpromoted NPCs which will go into the arena, and your objective is to gain 20k gold.

The detailed explanation is as follows:
About the NPCs(green units):
The map will start with 20 high level unpromoted NPCs on the first island, which will enter the arenas.
If they are max level, the player will gain 100 gold, the NPC will promote, then be sent to the second island and be turned into an enemy. However, if there was already a promotion on the same turn, nothing happens instead.
If they are not max level and you have at least 1k gold, you will be given the choice to have them fight an arena match.
If you have less than 1k gold, instead you will gain 100 gold but that NPC becomes berserked for a turn.
Whenever there are less than 19 NPCs in the map, the player will lose 100 gold but this spawns a new NPC.

About the enemies(red units):
Enemies can attack any unit, including other red units.
While they’ll be in a battle royale of their own, this doesn’t particularly matter to the player, but only red units can attack purple units, which will be explained next.

About the zombies(purple units):
The map will start with 4 zombies on the second island.
Zombies will move towards the center of the second island and don’t attack each other, so to get rid of them you need red units.
Whenever no zombies are on the map, the player has a 5% chance to gain 1k gold and 4 new zombies will spawn.

Win/lose conditions:
The player wins if they manage to accumulate 20k gold through sending the NPCs into the arenas, as well as the occasional zombie re-spawns. This allows you to replay the chapter in “endless” mode.
The player loses if they have less than 100 gold. This happens if the player has less than 200 gold and less than 19 NPCs are alive.

Endless mode:
Endless mode is activated by having at least 20k gold when the chapter starts, which can only be achieved by beating it once beforehand.
There is no win condition in endless mode.
The player loses if they have less than 100 gold.
New NPC spawns, after the initial 20, will now start at level 1, but will also receive a boost to their growth rates (as if they had used the Metis Tome) and will also have boosted evade for the first 15 turns after they spawn.

Updated the patch with v4, adding a new mode: Battle Royale. (Renamed the first mode to Solo Battle)

In this mode you control 1 unit, and must fight 76 other units (who all fight each other as well) and try to come out on top. Due to it using the 4th allegiance patch, do not suspend the chapter or else 10 units will disappear.
More information on the chapter is below:

Details on gimmicks and stuff

All units in this map can gain exp.
There are several snags around the map. Destroying one awards the unit a full 100 exp, but they get berserked for a turn, so there’s a risk to doing it if enemies are around.
In the center of the map, there is a fort. However, if the unit that ends their turn on the fort is already at max HP, they’ll get berserked, so you can’t stay put there indefinitely.
On each corner of the map, there is an open chest. Standing on it will poison all other units, give the active unit a boost to their critical rate, and teleport them to the middle of the map.
You can choose from 50 placement options for your unit, which loosely determine how challenging the map will be. Spawn on the corner, away from all other units and with quick access to a chest for the easiest experience, or near the center, surrounded by several units for the hardest experience.

I’ve had this version for a bit, but somehow didn’t upload it before. Hopefully it’s not because there was some bug that I meant to fix but ended up forgetting. Then again, all of these are spur of the moment ideas.


Going to play

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Played all 4 modes, completed the first 3. Single and team battle is cool, arena is extremely glitchy, and battle royale is too slow. One thing that can improve the first 3 moved is using established characters instead of generic units, as well as a greater variety of weapons. It would also be interesting to use promoted units for the single and team battle, to make it more interesting with the class-specific skills. The Arena mode should probably be blue instead of green to give the player more options. And the Battle Royale mode needs a major overhaul unfortunately: It’s significantly too slow, and too much time stuck in enemy-enemy combat.

A speedup function could help this, to make arena fights and BR fights more fun. Otherwise, I just want to see stronger units and more weapons, which will create more strategy. Instead of just whacking enemies with the iron sword, you have to choose between the killer sword or brave sword.

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