[FE8U] BS Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga



A Remake of BS Fire Emblem: Akenia Saga in FE8U. Version 1.0, the full release, is now available!

Project Repository

Download Version 1.0


Download Version 0.9.1

-Re-fixed an issue where episode 4’s chapter name would not appear

Download Version 0.9

-Major internal restructure, all known issues resolved.
-Halfbodies have been reformatted into regular mugs to solve aforementioned issues.
-Gold chests in Episode 3 now work properly
-Seize point in Episode 2 has been corrected

Download v0.5.3

-Fixed an accidental debug feature
-Added new infobox graphics

Download v0.5.2

-Fixed ch2 boss’ weapon ranks
-Minerva can now seize

Download v.0.5.1

-FIxed healing freeze
-Fixed effectiveness issues
-Fixed destroying villages by visiting

Full credits list on GitHub.

Old Screenshots

BSFE_038 BSFE_049 BSFE_053 BSFE_050
BSFE_061 BSFE_047 BSFE_010 BSFE_070
BSFE_088 BSFE_125 BSFE_130 BSFE_129
Note that halfbodies are no longer present since these screenshots were taken.

If you encounter any issues, please report them here.

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This looks sweet dude. Can tell a lot of love went into it. The custom grapihcs in particular are great - love the watercolor-y aesthetic.

Looking forward to trying it out and sharing feedback!


I see bows are still effective against Bishops.


I guess you could say that’s very BS
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Apologies for the shaky launch, but every game-breaking issue that was reported has been fixed in release 0.5.2. Thank you to everyone for playing my hack, if you had a poor experience I hope it can be better another time around!


After reformatting halfbodies into normal mugs and transferring everything relevant over to a new environment, BSFE is now bug-free!* I haven’t tested it as extensively as I may have liked, so please continue to let me know if there are any issues. Download link has been updated in OP. Still tagging this as pre-release, after FEE3 I’ll put out what will hopefully be a final build.

*All existing known bugs appear to have been fixed. This does not guarantee it is currently entirely bug-free.

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What’s going on with the mugs that are too wide to fit the regular hack box? Draug had a really cool mug before so I’m hoping that’s not gone.
Anyway, terrific to see the project is back in the spotlight Sme. Great to see that you’re dedicated to having a polished product. Giving a 3 minute trailer was really generous too, you have a lot of content that’s worth showing!


Bedone, thot

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