[FE8] World Map Event Pointer Table Location

For some reason there was no nightmare module for this so I assume it was undocumented
#define WorldMapEventPointerTableLocation 0x8B39EC
#define WorldMapEventPointerTable(id, poin) “ORG WorldMapEventPointerTableLocation+4*id; POIN poin”

Where id matches the “world map prologue” id in the chapter data editor.

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It should already be in EAStdLib/World Map Helpers.txt

Yep, just checked, and it is.

Also there’s two sets of world map events; the second set is for the intro scene that plays when you’re about to start a chapter. Its pointer table is located at 0x8B3AD8.

#define WMIntroEventPointerTableLocation 0x8B3AD8
#define WMIntroPointerTable(id, poin) “ORG WMapIntroEventPointerTableLocation+4*id; POIN poin”

Also here’s a script for automatically disassembling these events; one for every chapter plus a couple extras not associated with any one chapter.

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