FE8 with only recruits

Hello, I’m new here, so sorry for any problem in this post, and I’m interested in give a try to romhacking, centred in simple challenge ideas (for now), in this case, this is my first attemp of creating a romhack. Is a hack for Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

This hack would be based in a few videos I have watched a time ago with the same idea as the title, a FE8 run with only recruits.

A small list of the caracteristics:

  • All units class have being changed to Recruit or a promotion of Recruit.
  • Each unit’s starter equipment was changed to they have a weapon they can use in battle
  • 2 maps have small changes to give the player the opportunity to recruit all units

One of the reasons I have started to make this hack is because I haven’t find a similar hackrom yet, if someone have already made a hackrom like this, could you post a link to the page?, is to make a different hackrom or update this one to make it different.

The hack would be very basic, right now is in a playable state but I’m interested in try to make a few changes, but the tutorial softlocks you in one of the first maps (the chapter were Garcia and Ross appears), so you would have to play in Normal or Hard.

Any idea to add to this project is welcome, the same with help to avoid this softlock if possible.


Hello, welcome to FEUniverse! This sounds like an interesting project, are character stats also changed?

And for the Chapter 2 softlock, it’s probably because you’re meant to have Vanessa fly over the mountains to rescue Ross. Except she can’t, because recruits can’t fly lol. Maybe you could move Ross over to the other side of the mountain? And maybe modify the events a little in order to account for Ross being somewhere else. I think Garcia can stay where he is though, unless he’s the actual source of the softlock

It sounds like trainee emblem, which already exists

I have tried to find the event flags related to the tutorial, but I haven’t find them, but I haven’t tried moving Ross, I deleted part of the montain so Ross and Garcia can scape and give the player the opportunity to recruit them. I will try to move Ross to see if it can solve the problem.

Also I didn’t knew if change the base stats or growths, I was thinking in leave them so the player will have to see wich ones would be the best Recruits, so for example, mages in general will be useless for they low Strenght, but a fast unit could be a good Recruit.

I know that hackrom, but this is for only Recruits, no units like Ross, Ewan or custom trainee classes, only Recruits (I could also make some day something simillar but inly with Ewans or Ross).