[FE8] [WIP] The Taslan Wars [15 Total Chapters]


The hack is entirely different now, so here’s an intro. Basically, after playing many other hacks, and getting feedback from my real life friends, I finally admitted that my hack sucked, so I’ve spent most of my free time since the last release working on it to ensure that it’s a great experience.

Because I’ve put a significantly greater amount of time and effort into this WIP release, it should actually be the length of a relatively short hack, and the story reaches a sort of half-conclusion to reflect that. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you: The Taslan Wars.


  • 15 Chapters spanning 3 different phases!

  • 33 Playable characters

  • A party split beginning chapter 4!

  • A fleshed out world spanning multiple continents!

  • A difficulty that greatly rewards fast play!

  • Side quests spanning multiple chapters!

  • Loads of fun personal weapons!

  • Loads of community assets and QOL stuff!

  • Some secret events!

Story Synopsis

The King of the Kingdom of Taslar, Gitmis, mysteriously goes missing on a trip to the faraway continent of Yil, leaving his eldest son Oedipus to fulfil the role. Beginning with a conflict in the landlocked country of Zayif, what ensues during his rule will forever change the landscape of the world…



Screenshot 2023-03-14 030156
Screenshot 2023-03-30 030445
Screenshot 2023-03-30 030736

Other Stuff

I’ll add more in a bit

To do list

-Touch up the story past the prologue
-Have better character writing and dialogue
-Fix unit palettes
-Make a world map, and maps for the Taslan Gambit/Offensive
-Touch up the maps, potentially alter map design
-Have custom portraits
-Finish hard mode
-Make a title screen
-Add more side quests
-Actually finish the game
-Touch up the eventing
-Create more unique cutscene maps
-Create some music (Klavier’s theme comes to mind)
-Have more variety among tilesets
-A custom battle screen, and potentially other ui elements
-Add more talk convos

Note that for all of these, I am seeking help. If you enjoyed the hack and wish to see it better, please reach out to me!

Unfinished Content (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • The story is quite polished up to the end of chapter 3 (the end of the prologue.) After that, the story is fully fleshed out with all content up to the end of chapter 5.

  • After that, the story is more of an outline, with 1 missing chapter in-between, and I would suggest skipping all dialogue if you’re invested into the story. This update was far too ambitious, and the task of what remains of writing the story has been very draining, and I doubt I’ll have any motivation to continue the project until I get some more feedback.

  • On top of the lack of story (the outline features a few contradictions), the game past chapter 5 has far less content, and may feature a few more minor bugs. Please bear with it until the next release. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and unlike past releases, I plan on releasing small bugfixes. (By the way, there’s more missing content than just that chapter I mentioned earlier. If you don’t want to get spoiled, I highly suggest you don’t check the rom in febuilder or something like that.)

Credits (Exhaustive)


GabrielKnight/Levin (Franklin Portrait)
GabrielKnight (Arthur Portrait)
CanDy (Mary Portrait)
MeatofJustice (Ron Portrait)
Nobody (Charlie Portrait)
Levin64 (Gejan Portait)
Smokeyguy77 (Curt Portrait)
Yasako (Borst Portrait)
Zeldacrafter (Osborn Portrait)
ZoramineFae (Lughte Portrait)
Zarg (Kennedy Portrait)
monk-han (Henry Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Etli Portrait)
XVI (Cetvel Portrait)
XVI (John Portrait)
ZoramineFae (Onder Portrait)
Peerless (Stan Portrait)
Peerless (Emre Portrait)
Kanna (OLD Emre Portrait)
ZoramineFae (Yuksek Portrait)
CanDy (Elijah Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Ozel Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Kilic Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Henri Portrait)
Its_Just_Jay (Hirsiz Portrait)
Its_Just_Jay (Dalton Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Karl Portrait)
DerTheVaporeon (Oda Portrait)
Its_Just_Jay (Isra Portrait)
Toa (Osuruk Portrait)
Toa (Buyu Portrait)
XVI (Rachel Portrait)
Yang Kai (Kosmak Portrait)
Sterling Glovner (Genel Portrait)
ZoramineFae (Deniz Portrait)
Smug_Mug (Pablo Portrait)
Smug_Mug (Larry Portrait)
Yang Kai (Devir Portrait)
Smug_Mug (Rupert Portrait)
Smug_Mug (Koyu Portrait)
Kanna (Clark Portrait)
Yang Kai (Garry Portrait)
CapibaraInSpace (Adrianna Portrait)
CapibaraInSpace (Jennifer Portrait)
Flasuban (Gitmis Portrait)
Armory (Fena Portrait)
Eldritch Abomination (Oedipus Portrait)
NickT (Rahip Portrait)
Epicer (Aptal Portrait)
CanDy (Lisbeth Portrait)
CodyTheGoober (Kral Portrait)
Ereshkigal (Wallace Portrait)
Free/Kanna (Guzel Portrait)
Peerless (Merkez Portrait)
RisingSolaris (Keskin Portrait)
XPGamesNL (Marshall Potrait)

Jeorge_Reds, Brunhilda (Ron Animations)
Nuramon (Marshall Named Emporer in hack Animations)
Nuramon (Marshall Named Emporer in hack Map Sprites)
TheBlindArcher (General Bow Animations)
Leo_Link/L95 (Light Mage Named President in hack Animations)
VeletKitsune/Jiege/TLP (Archsage Shurei Named President in hack Map Sprites)
Greentea/SHYUTERz/Dis (Linus Swift-Sword Named Prefect in hack Animations)
J-Treecko (Outlander Named Prefect in hack Map Sprites)
Leo_Link/Nuramon/Spud (Warrior-Variant Tellius Rework Named prefect in hack Animations)
Rasdel (Warrior Tellius Named prefect in hack map sprites)
shadowofchaos/TheBlindArcher/Sme/Shtick (Black Beauty Named prefect in hack Animations)
L95 (Black Beauty Lance Named prefect in hack map sprites)
Zomaxie/ZoramineFae/JJ09 (The Stalwart Named prince in hack animations)
SALVAGED/BoneSethMan (Knight Helmetless Lance Named prince in hack map sprites)
Spud (Oedipus T1 lance animations)
Jeorge Reds (Roy T2 Redesign or Ron Map Sprites)
Pikmin (Paladin Map Sprites)
Fates-Blade/WhatIsAnAubin (Grand Paladin bodyguard in hack map sprites)
Aruku/Kenphuhu/Nuramon/Spud/Lord_Tweed/Mexicancactus2911 (Grand paladin bodyguard in hack animations)
Obsidian Daddy/Jj09 (Leif lord buyu animations)
Leif? (Lord Sword Generic buyu map sprites)
cybaster/Luerock/SHYUTERz/7743 (Ashnard Lisbeth in hack animations)
TheBlindArcher (Halberdier animations)
TBA (Halberdier class card)
Dei/dondon151 (Halberdier map animations)
Leo_link/Spud/MeatOfJustice (Archer animations)
Nuramon (Sniper animations)
St Jack/RiriK (Archer Ballista animations)
Seal/SacredWar (Sniper Ballista animations)
MK404 (Figher animations)
DerTheVaporeon (Pirate animations)
Leo_Link/Iscaneus (Brigand animations)
SamirPlayz (Brigand class card)
Glacero (Brigand map animations)
Flasuban/Nuramon/Jeorge Red (Soldier animations)
Nuramon (Hero animations)
SALVAGED (Mercenary animations)
Leo_Link (Myrmidon [F] animations)
Jubby/fuzz94 (Myrmidon [M] animations)
Seal (Swordmaster [F] animations)
Greentea/DerTheVaporeon (Swordmaster [M] animations)
Aruka/Kenpuhu (Assassin animations)
Redbean/Marlon0024/Sax Marine (King animations)
SALVAGED/Flasuban (Cavalier animations)
SALVAGED (Paladin animations)
Leo_Link (Ranger animations)
Shin19 (Fixed shaman animations)
Obsidian Daddy/Rexacuse/Leo_link/Jey the count (Necromancer animations)
St Jack/The_Big_dededester/Dolkar 7 (Sage animations)
Shin19 (Fixed mage animations)
LisandraBrave/Shin19 (Fixed mage [F] animations)

MisakaMikoto (Forseti Spell Animation)
SHYUTERz (Godspenst called Heaven Spell Animation)
Blazer/Jubby (Starlight Spell Animation)
SaXor the Nobody (Stat Screen Background)

Batima (Warp, Recover, Heavy Spear, Siegmund, Silver Lance, Iron Bow, Steel Bow, Silver Bow, Poison Bow, Brave Bow, Runesword, Armorslayer, Killing Edge, Zanbato, Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Silver Sword, Noble Rapier, Hand Axe, Poison Axe, and Starlight Icons)
LordGlenn (Barcha, Reginleif, Piercer, Berserk Edge, Halberd, and Balta Icons)
Ereshkigal (Lighting, Shine, Aura, Silence, Mend, Killer Lance, Short Spear, Dragonspear, Bad Reginleif, Great Lance, Shamshir, Hatchet, Hammer, and Sledgehammer Icons)
Beansy (Slim Lance, Toxin Lance, Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Light Brand, Audhulma, Executor, Iron Blade, Silver Blade, Steel Blade, Slim Sword, Wyrmslayer, Iron Axe, Steel Axe, Silver Axe, Devil Axe, Killer Axe, Swordreaver, Swordslayer, and Slim Axe Icons)
CamTech075 (Battle Axe Icon)
Lisandra Brave (Restore, Heal, Brave Lance, Killer Bow, and Dragon Axe Icons)
Zelix (Cleaver, Excalibur, Lancereaver, Tomahawk, and Master Seal Icons)
Seal/SacredWar (Physic, Fortify, Yikim, Vidofnir, Javelin, Spear, Wind Sword, Rapier, and Brave Axe Icons)
2WB (Poison Sword Icon)
Kyrads (Icy Edge Icon)
George Reds (Brave Sword Icon)
Snakey1 (Short Bow, and Longbow Icons)
Jubby (Axereaver Icon)
Celice (Horseslayer Icon)
Leif (Divine Icon)

SurfingKyogre (FE4-Light and Dark)
SufringKyogre (FE4-For Whose Sake)
SurfingKyogre (FE5-In Search of Victory-Leif)
Psyche (Castlevania Order of Ecclesia-An Empty Tome-Stage)
Azula (FE12-Reign of Despair)
Azula (Cave Story-Running Hell)
Pandan (Kid Icarus-World 1)
RandomWizard (Chrono Trigger-Boss 2)
Tristan Hollow (Chrono Trigger-Battle 2)
MrGreen3339 (Golden Sun-Fusion Dragon Battle)
Pandan (Starfox 64-Boss A)
RSFlame (FE3-Defending)
SaXor the Nobody (FE9-Clash)
Sme (FE11-Defense)
DerTheVaporeon (FE5-Attack)
MrGreen3339 (FE4-Defense)
SaXor the Nobody (FE10-March)
RandomWizard (KH-Night of Fate)
Azula (FE12-Reign of Despair)
Retina (FE12-Liberation)
SaXor the Nobody (Breath of Fire 2-Stronger Monsters)
7743 (Corpse Party-BGM 10)
SurfingKyogre (FE4-Across the Desert)
Pandan (Kirby Dream Land-Ripple Field 1)
Sme (Porting FE3-Holy War)
Pandan (F-Zero GX-Time for Kill)
SaXor the Nobody (Knights in the Knightmare-Sortie Formation)
SurfingKyogre (FE4-Glory to Grannvale)
Sme (Bravely Default-That Person’s Name Is)
MeatOfJustice (Super Street Fighter 2-Cammy’s Theme)
Tristan Hollow (FE4-Another Assault)
MeatOfJustice (Ace Attorney-Pursuit (Cornered))
Dolkar (FE5-Map A)
Dolkar (FE5-Victory Minor)
A Reliable Chair (Castlevania-Stage 5)
hypergammaspaces (FE5-Prep Screen)
MrGreen3339 (MOTHER 3-F-F-Fire!)
Pandan (Shining Force-Ship Battle)
Pandan (Secret of Mana-Wild Fields)
Pikmin1211 (Treasure of the Rudras-Earthbound)
SurfingKyogre (FE4-Victory is Near!)
ShinKuma (SRWOG-Battle Preparations)
Sme (King of Dragons-Into the Castle)
Pandan (Mushihimesa-Stage 1)
Pandan (Shenmue-Nightfall)
Retina (Great Ace Attorney-Kazuma Asogi_Nocturne)
MrGreen3339 (FE4-When The Rush Comes)

VGMTrans for helping with some stuff like
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (Ripped "Solitary Confinement-Darkness Theme)
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (Ripped Victory-“We won our case”)
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (Ripped "Recollection-Forgotten Legend)

Of course, credit to the original creators of the tracks as well.

Tequila (Viewable Growths)
Tequila (Item Combining and Convoy Partition)

7743 (Weapon Lock EX)
7743 (Change Effectiveness damage coefficient of the weapon)
AuraWolf (Updated L Button Cycling)
Stan (UnitActionRework)
aera (Change support convo to 5 ppl instead of 5 times)
Vesly (Steal with full inventory)
aera (Change to steal weapons and staff that are not equipped)
circleseverywhere/Alusq (SOUND_NIMAP2)
Tequila (Show Heal Amount)
Vesly (Add Event: ShootArrow)
7743 (Simple setting of Sacred Weapons 2)
7743 (Switch the preparation shop for each chapter)
Venno (Passive Boosts Patches)
Sme (NosResire)
7743 (Switch death Quote for each unit who is killer)
7743 (Multiple classes can discover desert treasure)
7743 (Multiple units call supply)
7743 (Multiple units can seize)
Pandan/Scraiza/SaneAvernathy (ModularMinimugBox: Vision Quest Style)
Hextator/Tequila (MeleeAndMagicFix)
Sme (Magic Sword Rework)
!patix (m4a hq mixer)
Leonarth (Less Annoying Fog)
Stan (LeaderAiFix)
aera/7743/kesseki patch (Deny Deployment)
Vesly (Icon Display)
Circles/Zana/Tequila (Hp bars + warnings)
Stan (HeroesMovement Standalone)
7743 (Handaxe generic motion)
7743 (AddEvent: Get unit # matching specific condition)
7743 (Add staff and dance don’t display anime)
7743 (fix display for minus statbooster)
Snakey1 (Fix dodge to front glitch)
Hextator (Anti-Huffman)
Hextator (48command_hack)
Hextator (01command_hack)
7743/Tequila/jjl2357 (Prf on staff and items)
Lord Reyson (Staff Range Fix)
Tequila (Rogue Robbery)
Tequila/Vesly (FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off v2)
Stan (ExModularSave)
7743 (Add Event: Unit_Take_Over)
7743/aera (Add Event: Simple Escape Event)
7743 (Add Event: SilentGiveItem)
7743 (Add Event: Send unit’s all items to transporter)
7743 (Add Event: Is tile change triggered)
aera/Vesly/7743 (Add Event: Give unit exp)
7743 (Add Event: Get clear turn for chapter)
7743 (Add Event: Get/Set/ClearSupportLevel)
Leonarth (Add Event: GetKillerUnitID)
7743 (Add Event: Get the total numver of turns in game)
Brendor (Add Event: DifficultySwitching)
Kaito/7743 (Add Event: Lose Item(AllUnits and transporters)
7743 (Add Event Condition: Item Check)
7743 (Add Event: Lose Gold)
7743/Kaito (Add Event Condition: Accumulated Gold)
7743 (Add Event: Get Level)
aera (Add Event: Character Retreat)
Kaito/7743 (Add Event Condition: Support Check)
Vesly (Add Event: AutoLvlUnit)
7743 (Add Event: Add/Remove Trap)
7743 (Display Escape menu)
7743/Contro (Enemy equipped weapon pallette red)
7743 (Sets flag when enemy escaped)
Brendor (Remove Enemy Control Glitch)
circleseverywhere (drumfix)
Vesly/Viktor Hahn (Draw attack effect on map animation)
Vesly (DecideWhetherToFillAiDangerMap)
circleseverywhere (Map Danger Zone)
Stan (DancerAi)
circleseverywhere (CSA_Creator_For_FE8U_ver2)
circleseverywhere (Actions after talk/support)
circleseverywhere/7743 (Conver Chapter Titles to text v2)
7743 (Set Victory BGM by chapter)
Program (Set Prep BGM by chapter)
7743/aera (Change battle bgm by chapter)
7743 (Change multiplication rate of Arena by difficulty)
7743 (Change color of save menu)
7743 (Dynamically change resire pallette)
7743 (Sell Price expansion)
Zeta/7743 (Add Event: ChangeChapterObjective/Song)
7743 (Fix CG Fade Glitch)
HypperGammaSpaces/circleseverywhere/Vesly (Casual Mode+Menu)
7743 (Boss Animation ON EX)
laqieer (Berserk Unit Battle Animation)
7743 (Disable Prep Shop for particular map)
Aera/Stein/7743 (Status Ailment Swords)
7743 (Add Event: Call the store from event)
aera (Switch: Animaton on/off with L button)
Blazer (All Instrument)
7743 (Switch character end text/title with flag)
Agro/Brendor (16_tracks_12_sounds)
pikmin (Remove fog from bg of save menu)
7743 (Display difficulty in status menu)
Tequila (fix_lz77decompress)
Leonarth (Make trap data not write past limit)
circleseverywhere/gamma (Visit Anywhere)
Stan (Fix cam going out of bounds)

And anyone I may have forgotten, of course.

Special thanks to:

7743 for Creating FEBUILDERGBA
ngemansion for having a solution to all my problems
7743 for just being a chad in general
My real life friends for playtesting

Known Issues
-The very end of the chapter 5 end event is a little janky, but it’s nothing game breaking.

-Chapter 11 is the only chapter that’s a little unfinished gameplay-wise, however, you can still complete it.

-In Chapter 4, Mary only actually rejoins the party sometimes. Make sure you don’t move her last because…you can’t-the turn ends without with her moving.

Patch Download

Past Builds

Beta 2
Beta 1

Changelog (Exhaustive)

Beta 1 Features:
-3 playable chapters
-7 playable characters
-Every map is on a timer
-idfk check the first op

Beta 2 Changes:
-Added a new chapter: Attack on Ita Castle
-Added chapter titles
-2 new playable characters
-Buffed weapon hit rates
-Buffed weapon triangle advantage
-Added story to chapter 2 (it just started before)
-Buffed O’Neil
-Changed turn limit from 10 to 8
-The armour knight near the chest in chapter 2 now actually drops the key
-The armour knight in the top left corner now drops a vulnerary
-O’Neil no longer drops a wyrmslayer
-Buffed vulnerary heal amount

v0.1 Changes:
-Added difficulty descriptions
-Balanced enemies
-Added story introduction
-Changed dialogue at the end of the prologue
-Changed character descriptions
-Nerfed normal mode stats
-Buffed player unit base stats
-Made reinforcements hard only
-Added some reinforcements
-Significantly buffed difficulty all chapters on hard
-Significantly nerfed growth rates
-Balanced weapons
-Fixed chapter numbers
-Removed berserker crit
-Fixed Textboxes
-Changed character names
-Removed chapter 1 reinforcements
-Chapter 1 sees 5 turn survival instead of 6
-Nerfed lethality chance
-Made growth rate growths faster
-Balanced item costs
-Added thickets next to escape point in chapter 2
-Comment about borst and mary is now made on turn 3
-Buffed vulnerary heal amount
-Slightly altered chapter 3 intro
-Changed chapter 2 chest to have 4000 instead of 10000 gold
-Buffed promotion gains
-Changed bottom right chest in chapter 3 to have a wind sword instead of a master seal
-Bonus new chapter and characters (forgot to take out, still beatable)
-Berg is now Taslar (berg is just the castle name in prologue)
-Continent has a name now: Tavuk

v0.2 Changes:
-3 New playable chapters
-2 New playable Gaiden Chapters
-12 New playable characters
-Chp 4 overhaul
-Balanced player units
-Reworked enemies
-Significantly polished already existing maps
-Made small changes to growth rates
-Reworked reinforcements
-Removed turn limit in the prologue and chapter 2
-Made chp 1 and 2 maps smaller
-Added a house in the prologue
-Moved chest towards village in chp 2
-Balanced weapons
-Fixed stupid item descriptions
-Gejan’s death now triggers a game over in maps 1-4
-Added more story to each chapter
-Changed load order in the prologue
-Sped up poison damage animation
-Hold a to speed up unit movement unlocked
-Mary’s death triggers a game over in chp 3
-Changed death quotes
-Curt’s death triggers a game over in chp 1
-Relative power values altered
-Fixed dialogue errors
-Added snag to the bottom of the lake in chp 2
-Added a wall of enemies to prevent clearing chp 2 in 2/3 turns on hard mode
-Thracia trading
-Replaced a forest tile with a fort in chp 2
-O’Neil name changed to osborn
-Lowered chp 3 turn limit to 7
-Changed Chp 2 title
-Changed prologue title
-Added a few f2u placeholder portraits
-Changed ron battle animation
-Grando is now Zayif
-Breguet is now Kennedy

v0.3 Changes:
-6 New Playable Chapters
-1 New Playable Gaiden Chapter
-11 New Playable characters
-Added in a few portraits and music (some placeholders)
-Characters rebalanced
-Weapons rebalanced
-Enemies reworked
-Reinforcements reworked
-Supports now exist, and are static
-Actual story in place
-Fixed an issue in 2x where dead units loaded
-Made chapter 5 house not get destroyed
-Reward for saving at least 1 green unit in chp 5
-Special conversation if Henry survives chp 5
-Fixed 0% growths from when I was doing testing, lol
-Changed some character descriptions
-Raised chp 3 turn limit back to 8-two 7 turns in a row is weird
-Valencia is now Gizem
-Enemy units now erased for prologue end event
-Belhalla is now Muamma
-Show heal amount
-Map Danger zone
-Actual Arrive action
-Changed hardmode river block to start event chp 2
-Added force deployment where it makes sense
-All prf weapons are legendary, and give at least +5 luck
-Curt’s death no longer triggers a game over in chp 1
-Changed sell values
-Eliwood is now Oedipus
-Removed class growths on osborn in chp 2 bc jesus christ
-Added battle quotes
-Fixed death quotes
-Oedipus can no longer steal (only worked on normalmode anyways)
-Thracia rescue
-Instant rescue drop
-castlegate -1 def no avo bonus
-Camera actually sees reinforcements chp 2x
-Stans items now go to the convoy in chp 5
-Changed oedipus base level to 3
-Moved a tree in the prologue
-Chp 1 is now a rout map
-Added bgm to dialogue scenes so they’re not dead
-Installed loads of qol patches
-Changed chp 3 game over event
-Added heroes skills
-Chapter start explanations for hard changes
-Ron now starts with a shield (grants +1 defense)
-Decorated maps more
-Fixed names and descriptions
-Prologue house now grants berserk edge
-No class specific promotion item-only master seals
-Universal stat caps
-All generals can now use bows
-Oedipus starts with spd ring
-Added expanded modular save
-removed curt’s stupid chp 1 death quote
-removed everyone having supply chp 4
-Growths viewable
-Vulns and elixers sell for 10% their og value on all difficulties
-Bridge comes down in chp 3 to let some reinforcements actually reach you
-Oedipus can seize in prologue and chp 3
-Chp 2 objective is ron escapes
-Oedipus rather than Ron appears in Mary death quote chps p-3
-Reginleif wepexp per hit down 1
-Oedipus crit no longer cuts out audio
-Some earlier chapters renamed
-4x tiles actually animate now
-4x reworked
-4x now mandatory
-Added casual mode
-Stan is now “prefect” class
-Larry is now “prefect” class
-Gave oedipus a repallete
-Put in some icons


I’m not a huge of fan of the ambush spawn reinforcements. I don’t mind being on a timer, but I’d like some indication for how much or little time I have. Maybe this is mentioned somewhere in each chapter, but I skipped most of the text - if it was in fact mentioned there, that is my bad.

I also found Ron to be a bit too much on the weak side for my taste: the first chapter largely consists of lance users who have WTA against him. He doesn’t fare very well stats-wise either, dealing single digit damage once, whereas he can easily get one- or two-shot. Rapier is his only saving grace, but it only has so many uses. Eliwood on the other hand is probably even better combat unit than the so-called Jagen unit all thanks to Reginleif being absolutely insane this early on.

I don’t understand the rationale behind the archer and the mage having so low con - it’s just 3. Perhaps that’s because they’re supposed to be easier to rescue? If so, you could probably increase it and it’d still work just fine. I also would’ve preferred to know about the pirates and generals before the preps. Maybe I should have known something’s up when there’s a shortcut so close to the escape tile?

As of now I do think the game relies too heavily on blindsiding the player for the challenge to be satisfying to overcome. I did like that you’ll get strong weapons early on, though, but that wasn’t enough to keep me hooked.

There are a few indications of ambush spawns, but I should add a little more. Since I know what the timer is, it’s not as much of a problem for me, but I can see why it’s frustrating not knowing how fast you have to complete the objectives.

Ron is weak because Eliwood is absoltuely insane, and I’ve always enjoyed lords who are weak entirely. Ron’s defense is pretty balanced, but every update, I do find myself adding more hp so he can actually survive 1 hit. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that Ron shouldn’t really be facing much if any combat, saving weapon uses and his life. People usually like training main lords, though, so I think I’ll give his rapier more uses and give him more hp.

The low con is to balance speed with weapons, but thoses guys hit and run anyways, so I should give them a little more bulk. They used to suck even more, but I wanted to give the player more ways to deal with each chapter. I should probs slightly buff them again.

Seems like the main issue is that, like you said, the challenge revolves around suprising the player. It makes sense sometimes, but I need to work on making the actual time limit more of a challenge than the consequences for not dealing with a challenge, if that makes any sense. Thank you for the feedback.

v0.3 Updates:

  • 7 new chapters

  • 12 new playable characters

  • Added most of the standard QOL features

  • A now fully fleshed out story (see OP)

  • Fixed many issues

  • Balanced all past chapters

  • A lot of new stat boosting items and personal weapons

(See changelog for an exhaustive list of changes)

All the other important info is in the OP, but editing it doesn’t bump the topic anymore.

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