[FE8] [WIP] The Fall of Taslar [6+2(Gaiden) Chapters]


It’s been a while since the last update, but it’s back. This is a massive update, featuring massive polish to the existing maps, 4 new maps doubling the previous count, a bunch of new playable units, buffs to hardmode, and much more. It’s a much better hack, and I’d say it’s absolutely worth a try. For a very important note:

Hard mode is the intended difficulty


  • 5 Pre Split Chapters, 3 Post Split Chapters
  • 22 Playable characters (A lot, but due to the split)
  • An epic war story, spanning over the continents of Valencia and Tavuk
  • A bunch of fun weapons as rewards (You’ll need them for hardmode)
Hard Mode Survival Guide

Hardmode isn’t too bad (except for one particular chapter), but it’s always nice to have a guide in case you’re struggling. I strongly suggest playing the chapter at least once before consulting, as seeing what crazy stuff happens is always fun (at least for me). No matter how hard it may seem, have the knowledge that all testing was done of 0% growths without player criticals, so it’s absolutely possible.


This one should be pretty easy, but if you need any tips, my best advice would be to charge as quickly as possible with Gejan. It’s pretty hard for him to die here, and he has an elixer if it comes to that. Also, for this chapter, avoid Ron seeing any combat, except maybe one of the fighter reinforcements, and the slim sword cavalier if you absolutely have to.

Chp 1

Just completing the objective normally should be pretty easy, but getting all the rewards might be a little tricky. The chest in the bottom right doesn’t matter too much, and the chest in the top left is pretty nice at most. You’re gonna want to visit the village first. Have gejan lure out the paladin so eliwood can kill him (That one won’t move unless you get in its range). For the paladin that rushes toward you from the bottom left, make sure it attacks with the javalin first so eliwood can actually take it out. As for why the village is so important, it contains boots. The armory should be pretty easy to reach. I’d say grab a longbow, and whatever else you think you might need down the line. You could also save your gold for the chapter 4 armory (the next one), but it has a few similar items and by then you’ll have more than enough things to sell even if you only are completing a few side objectives.

Chp 2

The wall of enemies on hardmode prevents a 3 turn clear, so you HAVE to go the long way. Thunder is effective against fliers, so Lughte can oneshot the wyvern (she’s also strong enough to at least tank one hit). The most important side objective is visitng the village as it contains enough healing for a lifetime, so do that. The boss can’t one round Ron, so as long as he has some vulneraries he can rush to the escape point without worry.

Chp 2x

You only have one goal and that is to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible (You already get an extra vulnerary just for making it here anwyays). If you’re struggling, don’t worry about the chest, don’t worry about the village, just fly Ron to the arrive point as quickly as possible.

Chp 3

Similar to 2x, the chests are nice, but don’t matter if you’re really struggling. I’d suggest at least trying to go for the one on the right though, as it’s slightly helpful for the next chapter. The main challenge of this chapter is rescuing and dropping curt and lughte all around the map, as they are very effective against the wyverns. Make sure they’re at least on the upper half of the map by turn 3 or 4 so they can deal with the tops wyverns blocking your way to the seize point. Lughte is also good against the boss, so you can kill them in one round. Eliwood can still kill in two rounds, though.

Chp 4

If you looked at any of the other chapters, you are here pretty much guaranteed. If you’re here for any reason, it’s this chapter. I’ve got one thing to tell you, and that’s good fucking luck, I’m outta here.

Just Kidding

The armory, chest, and killing the boss don’t matter too much, especially since ya’ll are on growths. But visitng the villages will be really helpful not because they grant good items, but because they spawn nps, which will keep the onslaught at bay for a turn or 2, maybe even 3 if you’re helping them a lot. I won’t give too much advice for this chapter, as there are endless ways to tackle it, and I don’t wanna tell you what to do, but I will say that the dracoshield should go to someone prepared to face a lot of enemy phase combat. You can ask in the comments for even more help if ya’ll really find this chapter that hard. On a final note, keep Jennifer alive if you go to 4x.

Chp 4x

A breather after the living hell of chp 4. I even needed it, and I made the damn hack. Here you’ll just want to rescue stan and get him to escape quickly. You’re guaranteed pretty much to have a lot of anti cavalry weapons by this point, so the cavaliers are no issue if you turtle a little, which you can for the first few turns if you really want to. But it’s an escape map, so just get outta there. Oh yeah, I said keep jennifer alive. Yeah, she one round the mages and archers, so she’s the one unit I say you have to deploy along Stan, of course.

Chp 5

Back to the scrub squad. This chapter is unfinished and has very few reinforcements, so you can rout the map fairly easliy. If not, though, they I suggest taking this chapter like new mystery or binding blade earlygame: have your weaker units tank at least one hit (you have a healer now) so you can gangbang them with giant ball of death strats. If you want to save Henry, send Gejan up there, he’ll be fine. He doesn’t matter though, as this is the final chapter of the hack. Take the oppurtunity to see all the death quotes, I guess.

That is all.

Story Notes
  • The story only really picks up in chapter 3, and stay’s simpler and focused until then.
  • There will be no major route split. Rather, there is an army split, but it’s not that bad, as the convoy is shared at times, and when it isn’t, you will be let known beforehand

Gaiden Requirements

Not that hard to unlock but
Chp 2x: Complete chp 2 in 8 turns or less
Chp 4x: Stan survives chp 4


Did my dumb ass really forget to add them

GabrielKnight/Levin (Franklin Portrait)
GabrielKnight (Arthur Portrait)
CanDy (Mary Portrait)
MeatofJustice (Ron Portrait)
Nobody (Charlie Portrait)
Levin64 (Gejan Portait)
Kanna (Emre Portrait)
Smokeyguy77 (Curt Portrait)
Yasako (Borst Portrait)
Zeldacrafter (Osborn Portrait)
ZoramineFae (Lughte Portrait)
Zarg (Kennedy Portrait)
Jeorge_Reds, Brunhilda (Roy animations)

Important Notes
-Once again, hardmode is the intended difficulty
-All the portraits are placeholders. There will be custom ones in the future.
-I am seeking feedback

Patch Download

Past Builds

Beta 2
Beta 1


I’m not a huge of fan of the ambush spawn reinforcements. I don’t mind being on a timer, but I’d like some indication for how much or little time I have. Maybe this is mentioned somewhere in each chapter, but I skipped most of the text - if it was in fact mentioned there, that is my bad.

I also found Ron to be a bit too much on the weak side for my taste: the first chapter largely consists of lance users who have WTA against him. He doesn’t fare very well stats-wise either, dealing single digit damage once, whereas he can easily get one- or two-shot. Rapier is his only saving grace, but it only has so many uses. Eliwood on the other hand is probably even better combat unit than the so-called Jagen unit all thanks to Reginleif being absolutely insane this early on.

I don’t understand the rationale behind the archer and the mage having so low con - it’s just 3. Perhaps that’s because they’re supposed to be easier to rescue? If so, you could probably increase it and it’d still work just fine. I also would’ve preferred to know about the pirates and generals before the preps. Maybe I should have known something’s up when there’s a shortcut so close to the escape tile?

As of now I do think the game relies too heavily on blindsiding the player for the challenge to be satisfying to overcome. I did like that you’ll get strong weapons early on, though, but that wasn’t enough to keep me hooked.

There are a few indications of ambush spawns, but I should add a little more. Since I know what the timer is, it’s not as much of a problem for me, but I can see why it’s frustrating not knowing how fast you have to complete the objectives.

Ron is weak because Eliwood is absoltuely insane, and I’ve always enjoyed lords who are weak entirely. Ron’s defense is pretty balanced, but every update, I do find myself adding more hp so he can actually survive 1 hit. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that Ron shouldn’t really be facing much if any combat, saving weapon uses and his life. People usually like training main lords, though, so I think I’ll give his rapier more uses and give him more hp.

The low con is to balance speed with weapons, but thoses guys hit and run anyways, so I should give them a little more bulk. They used to suck even more, but I wanted to give the player more ways to deal with each chapter. I should probs slightly buff them again.

Seems like the main issue is that, like you said, the challenge revolves around suprising the player. It makes sense sometimes, but I need to work on making the actual time limit more of a challenge than the consequences for not dealing with a challenge, if that makes any sense. Thank you for the feedback.