[FE8] [WIP] The Fall of Taslar [4 Chapters]


It’s been a while since the last update, but it’s back. This hack follows the story of 2 brothers named Roy and Eliwood, who both fight their hardest for what they believe is the best solution to a worsening situation.

Gameplay Tips
  • There is long bow in the chapter 1 armory, and obtaining it is pivotal to the later chapters.
  • Item hoarding WILL be the death of you. Don’t be shy, and use your tools to you greatest advantage
  • I can’t stress enough that hard mode really is difficult, so normal mode is recommened for a first playthrough unless you’re pretty good. However, hard mode remains the intended difficulty.
  • It is also highly recommended that you at least complete 1 or 2 side objectives every chapter, as the rewards make the future chapters much easier.
Story Notes
  • The story only really picks up in chapter 3, and stay’s simpler and focused until then.
  • There will be no major route split. Rather, the story will at times shift from one army to another. This means that battle preps will be absent for a decent number of the chapters.

Important Notes
-In chapter 3, double check unit placement in battle preps. Sometimes they get layered on top of each other, making them unusable in the actual battle.
-All the portraits are placeholders. There will be custom ones in the future.
-Feedback is very much appreciated.

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Past Builds

Beta 2
Beta 1