[FE8][WIP][22 Chapters][+9 Gaidens] Fire Emblem: Restoration Army (Attempt 3)

I suppose this is later in the week.

The guide has been updated and expanded. It now has unit stats at time of joining, unit bases and growths, and class stats, promotion bonuses, and paralogue requirements. I imagine it will be overall more helpful to the player than it was before.

As of right now it doesn’t contain a promotion tree, because I want to find a pretty way to do that, and everything I have tried is ugly, or class descriptions.

I really like this hack, but can you please do something with chapter 0x?
It’s almost impossible to beat this chapter, Quinn deals 1 damage, Ryne 2 damage against Morgan, it takes forever and you need a lot of luck. As a training chapter, to explain the basic tactics, it is not really helpful. And probably frustrating as a first impression right at the start. Just my thoughts…
Other than that, the following chapters are really good, please keep the spirit!

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Yeah when I tweaked Morgan to make him better, I accidentally made chapter 0x quite hard. In the coming update (it has a lot of balance tweaks and chapters) I had cut the chapter :sweat_smile:. But seeing as someone actually played it, I’ll rework it instead :+1:

Thanks for playing!


I played it too. After all, it gives you a little but VERY NECESSARY amount of experience for 2 of your characters.


From what i understand this hack’s main gimmick is you get a lot of trainees right even one of the lords is a trainee?

Ah basically. But both lords are trainees.

There is an army spilt and more gimmicks after everyone promotes, but from chapters 1-6 in the current build almost all your units are trainees.

i encountered a bug in Chp 9 Treacherous Peaks - after the villain destroyed the village the game crashes and i will drop in the start menue which tells me to restart the chapter but its a loop…

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Thanks, I’ll look into this. Is this the village in the cutscene at the beginning of the chapter? Or is it a village that’s on the map during the chapter? Also what emulator are you playing it on?

I can’t find anything that is breaking in the cutscene, but I did find a bug with a bandit being unable to destroy a village, but it doesn’t match what you described.

If that was your issue there will be a patch to fix it (and with many updates and tweaks) later today, but if not could you please send me a screenshot and the name of your emulator.

After this sentence the game crashes and the start display appears. Emulator name in the top :slight_smile:

Thx for your qick response :slight_smile:

Makes sense now. This game is being tested in mGBA, not Visual Boy Advance. It probably has something to do with the emulator.

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I think I found the issue. It was a move command where I forgot to put in the unit ID. It didn’t cause issues in mGBA, but seems to have in visual boy advance.

A new patch is up with the issue fixed. It is in the archives folder and has the title “Restoration Army_021424”. It should work now and if it doesn’t please let me know. If you want the file to use save files from your current run, just erase the “_021424” from the end of it.

I’m pushing a new update later today, but it likely won’t affect that far into the hack.

Thx problem fixed :slight_smile:

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Patch Notes (Primarily a map overhaul and unit tweaking patch)

I was going to wait until I had all the chapters I wanted done, but I decided against that, as there are 13 more chapters to make and I am still working out issues with their gimmicks and layouts. So instead here is a patch with one new chapter, four new characters (two of which are trainees) and a lot of balance tweaks and changes.

  • Ryne x Freya
  • Luin x Lynx
  • Ryne x Irene
  • Ryne, Morgan, Quinn, Freya, Colin, Percy and Syklar have changed bases and growths
  • Freya and Colin have different promotion options
  • Ash is now a trainee and Annabeth is a ninja. Both have had their stats adjusted.
  • If percy is missed he can be recruited much later in the game with a unique promotion
  • Bridgette has more con
  • Two new trainees Teji (bow) and Nora (sword).
  • Ambar has a new weapon in chapter 7.
  • Aaron retires after chapter 7.
  • Accalia is now recruitable in X1 - Lost Monastery
  • Recruiting Theodric is more expensive but comes with more benefits.
  • Bridgette gains access to a special upgrade if the requirements are met in Ch11 - Embers of Resistance
  • Tarene has to be recruited and no longer auto joins at the start of the chapter.
  • New sprite for Eris (now he’s even cuter)
  • All classes including trainee classes have had reasonable max stats set.
  • Martial Mystic has replaced the Martial Master. It has access to Anima magic as well as fists
  • Brawler has been added. It is a promotion from Boxer and Martial Artist. It wields swords and fists.
  • Savage had their stats changed again. Now they are more defensive and skillful than they were prior, at the expense of their attack stat.
  • Archers have extended range. But only the Archer class, not all bow wielding classes.
  • Crossbowman have gain +1 con.
  • Scouts have had their skills changed.
  • Thug promotes to brawler instead of assassin.
  • Changes skill order for war clerics/monks
  • Silas’s personal weapon is effective against horses again
  • Fate in tome form gives +3 Def and in blade form gives +3 Res
  • Mace does 1 less damage but is more accurate
  • Wielding frostbite gives additional defense
  • Thunder magic is effective against armored units and terrain
    • A new 1 range tome called sparking has been added which has tomebreaker
  • Falchion (mage slayer sword) has been added.
  • Knives generally do more damage
  • Chapter 0 has an objective change and the vibe of the level is very different and more dynamic than grouping all your units in a corner.
  • Chapter 0x has been tweaked to be more manageable.
  • Chapter 2x has had the reinforcements toned down
  • Chapter 5 - Drums of War has been inserted between a Ch 4 - A Cruel Mistress and (old) Chapter 5 - Battle of Dewhurst.
  • Characters have final boss quotes in Chapter 7 - Blades at Dawn :slight_smile:
  • Changes to the layout of ChS11 - An Explosive Exit
  • Chapter S14 - Freshwater Voyage has been reworked and made more interesting.
  • Chapter R9 - Icy Cliffs has been made less cramped
  • Chapter R14 - Sinister Sacraments has been reworked and made more interesting.
Bug Fixes
  • Ch R10 - Treacherous Peaks. A bug that crashed the game during the starting event of the chapter in VBA has been fixed.

More chapters are coming. Thanks for playing, feedback is appreciated.

Also the Restoration Army Guide has been updated, to account for the changes.


Quick follow up patch.

At the beginning of chapter 1 you can select if you want to play a game with Silas’s route, Ryne’s route or both. The main purpose of this right now is to allow the player to skip directly to Ryne’s route without having to play through Silas’s.

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Chapter 0x is perfectly fine now!

One typo found: Cristen or Christen?

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Thanks for catching that. I’ll fix that later today.

Found some more, at the end of chapter 1.

Double “the”:

I think it should be “It”:

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Sorry for the spam… some more findings…

In chapter 1x, Fate has +3 Def in the description, but you get +3 Res:

In chapter 1x, Ginger’s map sprite has a lance, although she can only carry axes:

In chapter 1x, in the supply, the Heal staff is in the Light category. And it can be used by Teffan, who has Light ability.

One other thing, Jackson did not join at the end of 1x (as mentioned in your guide), is he still in the hack?

Btw… fantastic hack, what I have seen so far! Keep up the spirit!

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Thank you for the grammar/spelling corrections.

I just did a patch that updates some of you concerns/what you saw. There are two versions of Fate and I had the wrong description attached to that one. And yeah Ginger’s sprite can be confusing, so I changed it. I would update to the newest patch just incase.

Yeah, that’s as intended. All staves are now a subsection of light magic. This was done to make room for fist weapons which are in this hack and take that weapon slot instead. Teffan is intended to be able to use staves.

Jackson is there, but you have to kill the boss of the chapter, on the lower left of the map and have Freya alive. It’s possible you are working with a slightly older patch, so I suggest updating to the newest patch and continuing from there.

And thanks! There is so much left to do :sweat_smile: