[FE8][WIP][21 Chapters][+8 Gaidens] Fire Emblem: Restoration Army (Attempt 3)

Balance changes? So it won’t be a complete hell to raise the trainees’ stats at the beggining of the game? Well, I’ll have to try it then.

Hey @UrsusKnight . I just got Ryne, Morgan, Lynx, Erin and Freya to level 10 in chapter 3. However, when I am going to enter the preparation screen in chapter 4, only Ryne, Morgan and Lynx promoted! The girls are stuck in their trainee classes. Is there a limit of trainee promotions per chapters? If there is, is it intended or is it a bug?

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There’s a hard limit of 3 trainees promoting between chapters. It’s from vanilla since there are only three trainees. Impressive getting 5 units to level 10 by chapter 3.

Erin and Freya are lower on the unit list and therefore read after so they don’t promote first. They will auto promote at the start of the next chapter though.

I added on map promotion for this reason.

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Ah, I see. Makes sense. The thing is, I squeezed chapter 3 boss like a lemon to gain some experience. So much that I broke his thunder tome. So really, it’s not impressive, it’s just patience.

Also, I don’t know if this is intended (again), but the magic ring from the boss of chapter 3 has 15 uses. Meaning, I can rise the magic power of most of my mages to insane levels.

Edit: the speedwings prize from keeping Clyde and his men alive is 170 uses. Now I am convinced this is not intended :rofl:

I was unable to recreate this error. What emulator are you playing in out of curiosity?

mGBA. I believe it’s the correct emulator for this game, right?

A screenshot, in case it’s hard to believe (I may or may not have used it a little bit, judge for yourself :rofl:)

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Yeah everything seems right (barring the thing that clearly isn’t :confused: Could you DM me your save file? I can definitely take a look at it later.

Sorry for getting back to you late but the bug is now fixed. It was do to using the wrong type of end event. The patch with the fix is now available. Thanks for pointing it out.

Also this bug is now fixed. It was due to me not giving Jala an affinity and it resulting in some kind of overflow. Thanks for pointing it out.

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This bug has now been fixed! and i can remove it from the bugs and known issues list!

Damn you get back quick man. Yeah I was playing on the paid myboy! mobile emulator for Android. Should I switch over to mgba or is myboy! Compatible as well?

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(I’m only fast because I had a very slow day at work)

I dont know know for sure but the issue that was causing it to crash in VBA likely caused it to crash in other emulators. Something to do with the ai of enemy staff users. At this point I would say that the best bet is to swap over, but if you don’t it’ll probably be fine. :person_shrugging:

Regarding the the Jala and Sah supports, I can’t change your Jala (which was the source of the issue) since she was already spawned in, but if you have a save back before you recruited her the new update should fix it.

you the real MVP, boss. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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I am also drowning in items
Also, the support bonus for those two kids is insane (Hattie and Lucil):


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Thanks for pointing these out!

Okay so the support issue was caused by them not having assigned affinities, that is now fixed and fixed for all units in the game. That bug shouldn’t occur again. But I don’t think I can fix that for anyone who has already spawned the units in since I imagine the lack of affinity is in the save data. I may be able to fix it by monkeying with the save data if you want, but it’ll be risky.

Regarding the item overflow, I am still unable to recreate this bug. I worry it may have something to do with re-patching the rom? But I can’t be sure.

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Affinity is read directly from the ROM and is not saved (it’s not like it can normally change during the game), just like how names and descriptions aren’t in save data.

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Nice! Thank you!

Theni it should be fixed.

I am at the point after Ryne and Silas reunite and I just noticed at the start of the bonus chapter “Titan’s Grave” that I’m missing some characters that I had on Silas’ route: Starling, Lucil, Hattie, Alfonso, Carnelia, etc.

I downloaded the latest build, but it didn’t fix it. Are they gone for good?

Oh then that’s it! You reached the end (for now). All chapters after Rynes last are under construction. If you have a save from before then you should be able to just continue from where you left off, when new chapters come out and characters will be restored.

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The older version will still be playable but has been moved to the archive folder.

Patch Notes:

  • 5 new chapters (S-10, R-9, R-10, R-11, R-12) have been added to the hack completing Ryne’s route.
  • Chapter R13x has been refurbished and re-added
  • This brings the total chapters to 29! (oops)
  • With new chapters, TONS (17) of new characters
  • Lots of small item changes and tweaks
  • One Summon scroll has been added to the game, Every unit has a summon option sorted by affinity. Though some units have special summon options.
  • Animation changes to the Basara, Theugist and Tyro class
  • Special event for Ryne if you promote him to mage in the early chapters to support the Mage!Ryne build
  • Recruitment guide has been updated to reflex the new changes

The next stretch to work on is the last 5 union chapters, and some gaidens along the way.

Also I now have a discord for reporting bugs and discussing the hack in general. The link is here.

Thank you to everyone who has played this thus far and thank you even more to those who have given feedback!


The supports are still inexistent for most characters, I guess? Anyway, I’ll try this out now and report any bug I see.

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