[FE8] Way to carry over units stats if they leave/rejoin?

Hi, this is my first post here, so sorry if it’s messy, I ask a lot, or I seem like a newbie(Although I am one).

I have just a very basic question I want to ask at this time: Is there a way to make it so if a unit leaves and rejoins or is an enemy, they keep whatever stats they had before leaving? I know FE7 does that with Lyn mode units, but i was wondering is the same thing possible in FE8, and if so, how?

I apologize if this has been asked before, my search function said no, but I may have either not specified enough or too much.

Look at the lord split, specifically the part that bans eirika from ephraim’s party. You can apply that to any character.(I’ve done it in resonance and it worked, so no reasons it shouldnt for you.)

Thanks, I’ll test it out later, Im not at the Chapter I want to use it yet, but I figured I’d ask if its doable now rather than later.

In EA, the code REMU will remove a player from your party while saving his/her stats. To bring the character back, use for a character named Kendrick…

_0x2620 0x1700 // Not 100% sure if necessary
LOAD1 0x1 LoadKendrick
REVEAL Kendrick
SVAL 0x1 0x1
SET_STATE Kendrick
CAM1 Kendrick

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