[FE8] [W.I.P]: The Changing World:


Hi, my name is Telos, and you may know me for my hack reviews, as seen here.

Now that I’ve had more experience from hacks, and more inspired by them as well, I feel confident in trying once again to make a hack.

That hack is called (currently) The Changing World. (Still in the early stages of development, actual physical work being done wise; the story has been in the works for around the last six months as of this edit.).

I’m going to make it in the FE8 engine; and depending on how well the reception is, I may or may not make a route split a thing.

There will not be a World Map; it will be done in the style of FE7. (There will be Gaiden Chapters, but I’m not saying how many.), and I plan for a total of about 21 Chapters. (Counting Endgame and Prologue, I believe, but not including the Gaiden Chapters.).

The plot structure is influenced by FE8 (amongst other things), so similarities will pop up, but I don’t plan on overdoing it. (No actual sacred stone replacements, for example.).

The basic premise of The Changing World is as follows:
*In the land of Greecius, ruled over by seven gods in harmony, it is said that all things are decided by the Gods in the heavens.

Enter the recently crowned king Cadmus of Thebes, and his stepmother, the queen dowager Perimede, who are suddenly attacked by their longtime ally of Remia at what is claimed to be the behest of the gods themselves.

Perimede, who was on a diplomatic mission at the time, has seemingly vanished, and Cadmus, with seemingly none other than his faithful adviser Tiresias to aid him in light of the fall of the capital of Greecia in this sudden attack, is left with seemingly almost nothing else.


Cadmus refuses to give up. Even though he has been seemingly forsaken by the gods, Cadmus is determined to not only survive, but rebuild the kingdom he inherited from his late father, against seemingly all odds.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Perimede has had similar thoughts, fighting back against Remian forces with hit-and-run tactics.

Together, these two will set out on a epic quest that will forever change their world.*

No screenshots available yet, sorry. (I hope to remedy this at some point.).

I’m going to need a lot of help on this one, I know that much, but I think that what I’m going to need help with the most is (currently), help planning and designing the maps and characters for the story (as while I’d like to think I do understand the importance of good gameplay, I do plan on it being a story-driven hack.).

Please reply or DM me if you’re interested. (I’m also on Discord; my username is Telos#8536).

The main focus of gameplay, the Cadmus route, is planned to be at least on the difficulty level of Sacred Stones Hard Mode (although that’s not to say it might not be more difficult than that, but I don’t plan on jacking it up to insanity.).

I don’t expect this to be done anytime soon, either (because life things…), but I want to make something memorable, you know?

ThebDiscord Server for Development can be found here.
I’ll be sure to update this as time goes on to reflect progress.

(Oh, and regarding my previous project, A Generic Revelation… concepts from that are being worked into this, and I may come back to that one of these days, but I think this is going to be my main thing from now on.).

T.H.R (Telos's Hack Reviews):

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Thanks! It’s always nice to have support from other people!

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So you would have two Lords? Cadmus and his stepmom? That would be interesting if the mom is not just a minor side character or going to die like in other certain games :smiley:

So your names sound like you want to have some Greek/Egyptian touch? Are you planning on unique portraits/looks and classes in that direction or am i completely wrong?


I will watch you create this rom (so i can play mor)

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Greek is going to be a main source for names, but the names ultimately come from all over the place.

Regarding unique portraits and classes… I am kinda leaning towards it, yeah.

For example, Perimede’s Tier 1 class is going to be Amazoness. (That should say quiiiite a bit about her already…).


Sounds cool, looking forward to it. Sadly beside playing and giving feedback i have no skills yet :smiley:


There is now a Discord server for the development of this hack, which you can find here.


Do you have your cast planned out already(characters I mean)



Many of the playable characters have already been thought-out, and are currently going through a refining process.