[FE8] Venno's Growth_Mod patch causes freezing

Right now I have it installed along with following:

+Skill SkillSystems 20181209
+Less Annoying Fog
+Autoleveling Prf Weapons
+Limitless Trading
+Melee And Magic Menu Fix
+Weapon LV up when destroyed
+Simple setting of Sacred Weapons
+Range Display Fix (EA)

If someone knows how to fix it, please send an answer. If not, just take it as a bug report.

On a side note, the Rom is mostly blank. I only made a custom weapon and it doesnt even used the Growth_Mod. I was about to test it out when it freezed and I’m sure its this one because I tested the functionalities with the other patches and this never happened.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you are using FEBuilder. You should submit a report if that is the case so that the issue can be investigated. If using FEBuilder you can also attempt to roll back the patch to before you installed the patch and see if that makes a difference.

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Indeed its FEBuilder. Thankfully I didn´t have a lot done in the hack cause no matter what I did it just kept freezing at the moment of attacking. I’ll take a moment in the morning to send the report.

You should check which patches are in conflict with which patches.
Install one by one and check the operation.

Please try the combination.

If you found the combination that causes the problem, please contact me.
I would like to mark the patch as a conflict.

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Ok, interestingly enough I think the problem lies in the patching order. The last time I applied all the patches you see before the Growth_Mod and it caused freezing but this time nothing happened. It ran smoothly. And that I think is because the Growth_Mod Patch was applied BEFORE anything else. In any case that’s all I could get.