[FE8] Updated Chapter Data Editor NMM

This is an updated Chapter Data Editor NMM file for FE8 that fills in a few of the unknown bytes still in it. MAKE SURE that you back up your existing .nmm and/or .csv of your Chapter Data Editor before you update them with this file. I’ve tested it on my own hack in a buildfile setting and things seem to be working fine, but otherwise this has not been extensively tested. And you should always run n2c in an isolated environment so you don’t accidentally overwrite your existing csv files.

New additions include:

  • “Byte 22” is now “Normal Mode Level Penalty”. This governs how fast units start autoleveling. By default, most chapters in vanilla FE8 have a value of 0x2, which means units don’t start autoleveling until they hit Level 4. Change this to 0x0 on all chapters to make enemy units start gaining stats even at low levels, resulting in slightly stronger units across the board.
  • The “Hard Mode Bonus Levels” column was determined to also affect the Easy Mode Level Penalty and has been renamed as such.
  • Bytes 28, 30, and 32 have been documented as music options, possibly for use with Hard Mode but they appear to go unused in vanilla FE8.
  • Bytes 34 and 36 are alternate music themes for Player and Enemy phases that according to Tequila’s documentation will play when you trigger EventID 0x4 during a chapter. I haven’t tested this yet but this means you could have the map music change mid-chapter based on story events unfolding. Seems very cool.
  • Byte 38 is supposed to be NPC phase alternate music but apparently doesn’t work the way it should?
  • Byte 40 and 42 appear to be leftovers from FE7, but are documented anyway.

There are still lots of unknown bytes in the chapter data editor, but this is a good start at filling in a few of them. Special thanks to @Tequila for his help and documentation on the Chapter Data Editor, as well as @circleseverywhere and @Venno for helping me with the problems I was having that led to this update.

Also, this is just being hosted on my own dropbox, not the unified box. If anyone wants to host it there, or move this thread to a more suitable location, feel free to do so.


It’s probably used for the Winning Road theme in vanilla FE8 (it usually is)