[FE8] Units automatically loading in chapters

So, in my neverending struggle with figuring this FE8 thing out, I have another issue.

In chapter 1, it’s loading the two units from the prologue, but they aren’t supposed to be in that chapter, and using DISA is a bad idea since it makes their stats reset in the next chapter the show up in, and in Chapter 2, it’s loading Moulder and Vanessa for some reason I don’t understand.

So I guess my question here is, how do I make it not do this? (Since leaving it like this obviously isn’t an option, and I apparently haven’t been able to figure out a fix for this yet)

I don’t know if it works in FE8, but if I recall correctly using this in FE7

UNCM unit 0x04

… Will make the unit not appear in the Status or Unit List screens. This might also make them not appear in Preparations Screen, but I don’t remember for sure. If that doesn’t work I’d investigate the vanilla events for Ch. 5/5x/6 to see how the game goes about switching your party from Eirika’s group to Ephraim’s and back.

Doesn’t look like FE8 has UNCM :\

Chapter 5x has ASMC 0x86415 at the very beginning. This will set the invisibility status for all units except Ephraim, Forde, Kyle, and (5x) Orson.

The routine sets bit 0x00010000 (invisible) and 0x00000001 in the character status bitfield, and also sets bit 0x04000000 (do not bring back) if the character was already invisible (e.g. a ‘dead’ Seth). If you don’t want to use the hardcoded characters you can set the bits manually.

Bring them back (and make Ephraim & co invisible) with ASMC 0x86465 or do it manually.

Not gonna lie, didn’t understand much of that.

Also, since the issue is more than just one chapter, wouldn’t that only work once? Or is there some way to set who turns invisible somehow?

If you use the ASMCs provided, it will only work once and only with those four characters. If you want more control, you can write your own ASM using the vanilla code as an example.

I’m assuming there isn’t another method to fix this issue, because I have the feeling that it’s going to keep doing it for every chapter until I start having prep screens (ch2 loaded moulder and vanessa along with the 5 total that I loaded through events, so I’m trying to get a permanent solution that will work for the whole game)

ASM is really not as scary as it seems. On top of which, the code is already written for you, you just have to customise it a bit.

Have a read through the final chapters of the Ultimate Tutorial and PM me if you need more help.

Well I guess I know what I’m doing after class today, where can I find the code for it?

0x08086414 and 0x08086464. Start with the tutorial on RAM hacking.

I’m guessing that’s in the Ultimate tutorial too

apparently not because I can’t find a tutorial for RAM hacking

I found a command called INVIS that sets the designated unit as invisible and not in the unit list. Problem is, they stay that way in other chapters, so I need to see if maybe there’s a command that reverses it or if I have to use INVIS again to undo it.

Because tbh if there is a workaround like that it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier for me than figuring out this ASM stuff

EDIT: Found the relevant code for making them reappear

Solution found? Solution found.