[FE8] Tutorial Text Box

I sure do have a lot of questions…

How do you load the text box from the tutorial properly with text? I’ve found this…
#define CenterTutorialTextBox “_SETVAL 0xB 0xFFFFFFFF”

…within the Event Assembler, but how do I get this to work? I mainly want to use it to explain some basic stuff in a chapter.

Also, how do I load a picture? (Like in the scene with Lyon and Knoll or the picture of Lyon, Ephraim and Eirika?) Is there a list of all those pictures somewhere so I know which to edit so I can load them properly? And during those pictures, little text boxes open up with the characters talking but it does not show their portrait instead it shows a little box with their name. How do I include those in my events?

Thank you!

did you try disassembling chapters in which those things occur so you could look at how the game does it?

The tutorial text box is just


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