[FE8] Trigger event upon enemy death

Hey y’all, decrepit old FE fan here who is entirely new to hacking. Please bear with me.

I’m using FEBuilder and I’m pretty much learning as I go. Most things are intuitive enough so that I can teach myself, even in regards to some eventing. I do have a specific issue however. What I’m trying to accomplish is making an event (in this case simple dialogue) trigger upon the death of an enemy. I’ve tried to use CHECK_EXISTS as well as CHECK_ALIVE. Am I correct in assuming that these only apply to player units? Should it be written as an always or turn condition? I have a hard time grasping how flags work in general so something may be wonky there. Perhaps I could check whether his battle quote has triggered for the event to load, but I have no idea how I would go about that.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

The easiest way is to set an always event to trigger based on a flag in his death quote (for an example of this, see how maps with a defeat boss condition work).


That easy huh? Now I feel a bit stupid for trying to make an eloquent command when all I really needed was a simple text box. Thanks a lot!