[FE8] Title loop

Hi there. I’m using Nightmare to make a little gameplay project for myself using FE8. The problem is, once I actually load and start it, the game shows me the opening (the explanation of the Sacred Stones and how Grado invaded Renais and stuff). Then, once that’s done, it immediately loops back to the game’s title screen.

I got a completely new ROM to work on this, and Nightmare was the only program I used. The thing is, it’s been a few years since the last time I actually used Nightmare, and I know that this happened the last time and I found some way to fix it - but I can’t remember what it was for the life of me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome back. While you were gone, Nightmare got rendered obsolete by FEBuilder.

Perhaps you might have better luck using it. As for the issue, you probably broke an event somewhere; it’s been forever since I used Nightmare and I wouldn’t know the solution.

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Wow! Well, you aren’t wrong. It’s been… I dunno, four years or something since I was last here. Thanks!

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