[FE8]Thunderborn[Work in progress]

So hey. I’m JDL, a new guy. I gon’ done started on making one o’dem Fire emblem hacks.

Thunderborn(placeholding title) Is the story of Faust lo Broin as he loses his family, and has to slowly understand why people want him dead.

In this hack you will find!

5 Till now chapters with either completly new maps or. from the base game. with some edits made by me.

A bunch of new items like
Thunriper- Faust’s first tome aka… the cav/knight effective lord weapon
FluxFlare for those that like dark magic and Arsony
and Bandits bane! which might be self explanatory
with more items to come ofcourse.

Till now 8 playble characters. All with prortaits taken from the base games and Editted by me
With palletes to match them and supports are on the list of things to come. till now there are only 3 or 4 conversations made


Faust. The main character. A mage boy looking to not die
as he meets new friends and somewhat learns what’s going on

Lasher. Faust teacher in magic, and protector after his parents death…
He seems to be able to use most magic to some degree

Folky. Both the chrismas cavs put together give you Folky.
Faust childhood friend. and only retainer of his house.

Zelkias. A boy looking to spread his name far and wide.
Why does he want to be known after death so much?

Shilay. A shut-in shaman.
She liked fire so she made her own dark magic to mimick anima FluxFlare!

Melty! The enemy-tunred ally myrmidon! and Shilays friends. Cool gal

Loggy. or as i affectionately call him. ‘‘Little trash boy’’
a young man, living alone from the helpings of villagers after his mother what taken prisoner

And Vellen Loggy’s mother. A spy in her old day
What could she know after all these years?

To be clear. This hack. Is rough around the edges. as it’s my first full on hack-project.
The story is probably nothing new. The formating might be… questionable. I couldn’t really change the chapter tittles and as english is not my first language and do to my dislexia i wouldn’t be suprised if i missed some very obvious Error or mistake.

Took down the link do to some problems with the patch. I’ll fix it. Probably. I hope.


I don’t think this ups patch works.

I tried to patch it to my fe8 rom, and it dosen’t work…

I made a change and apllied it to my own rom fine. if it still doesn’t work i don’t know what i did wrong

This one didn’t work either. What ROM is this meant to be applied to? I’m using a standard FE8 USA ROM.

Pretty sure it’s the standard USA rom.

I really don’t know what could be wrong. I guess I’ll take down the post and work on fixing it before maybe posting it again

Pretty sure it isn’t. Check the checksum of your base rom. The correct checksum:
MD5: 005531FEF9EFBB642095FB8F64645236
SHA-1: C25B145E37456171ADA4B0D440BF88A19F4D509F
Recreate your patch file using a correct base rom with the same checksum.

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Portrait Doesn’t match the classes & it’s basic recolor. I would like to see some custom portrait’s.