[FE8] Three questions

  1. How do I get my units stats to go over 31 without reseting?

  2. How do I increase the duration of the light rune item?

  3. Where is Metis tome growth offset?

  1. Not sure. Pretty sure it’s been mentioned around the forums; do a search.

  2. Nightmare. Item editor, modify the Durability byte.

  3. Pretty sure there’s also a special Nightmare module just for that; I can’t check now, but I think it’s in the Specials folder.

  1. FEditor comes with an autopatch that fixes this. Just open and save in FEditor and it will be applied.
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Wait, the Light Rune works in FE8?

  1. Sorry. What i meant was how to increase the time effect of what light rune does.

Yes it works in FE8.

I believe so. Mines also work too.

mah gameplay… needs an update…