[FE8] : The Divine Keys [ON HOLD]

Hello everyone !

I’m french so I make efforts for speaking english.
I want to make a Fire Emblem 8 Rom Hack with FEBuilder. So I follow tutorials and I try to change many elements of the rom to test the software a little.

I also try make mugs and I download many animation for watch them.

Story of the Project :
In a Continent called Hopre, there are four countries, four kingdoms that share the continent : Granim, Ponji, Renca and Tilia.

In the first Arc, we follow the path of the Princess of Granim who fled her country in order to overthrow him. She will meet people who will have the same goal of her but this path is fraught with obstacles.
She will seek the divine keys which according to legend, will offer the power to overthrow the world.
Indeed, according to this legend, there are seven keys hidden throughout the continent. These keys were used to seal a fallen angel that only caused misery and destruction on the world. All these keys have different names and were used to lock this fallen angel in the ruins of Loslack.

In the second Arc, we follow the point of view of a soldier named Jay who became a mercenary after betraying the kingdom of Renca. He will be accommodated by Erika, a woman who survives in the forest. She is actually a Keybrinder, a person who possess a Divine Key. However, she will be killed and after her death, Jay will inherit his Divine Key : Foudre. But he can’t use it. His goal will be to avenge Erika and find someone who will, with him, destroy the four kingdoms because the peace between these countries will explode and tyranny will reign.

Through their adventures, heroes will encounter obstacles and will have to find a way to bring peace to the world.
(The story isn’t finished yet…)

Features :

  • New portraits and animations !
  • 5 charaters playables
  • Original Story

Status :

  • 3 first chapters finished !
    (It’s not awesome, but this is it for me)

Screenshots :

I continue to develop the synopsis of history. If you are interested in this project, come to the discord server here:

Link to download :


It’s possible there are many bugs like no animations battle or others.

Thanks to read this post.
There will be changes in the post.

See you next time !


Welcome to FEU! Always nice to see new projects.

My recommendation is to try and do as much as you can on your own. We all start with no experience, and our first mugs and maps will look pretty rough. I’ve reworked my own maps multiple times as I’ve gained new experience and perspective on how to best design them.

However, there are some helpful resources that you can use to get started. First, we have a great number of free to use mugs available in our asset repository. It’s not uncommon to use these mugs as placeholders for your characters while you work on the part of your hack that will help drive the most interest - the game itself.

I am biased because I enjoy this aspect of hacking the most, but map making and chapter design are the most important parts to making a good hack. While your story premise sounds interesting, making good maps will make people care about it. Good gameplay is what builds interest these days in the hacking community, and for good reason!

With that, I highly recommend you try learning to make your own maps. Even if they are not aesthetically pleasing, getting familiar with how the game works and how to design good gameplay are going to be important skills as you work on your project. Don’t be afraid to whip up a short few chapter demo to give people a taste of your world. Getting feedback on the maps will lead to people wanting to dedicate their time to helping you out, especially if they see you are invested in the project’s success and are willing to learn and take feedback.

For myself, I started with limited experience, and people came in to help me with their art and suggestions later on. But it would not have happened without learning how to make a good map. To outsource map creation is to outsource development of your game. Maybe you can find a partner who wants to do this while you focus on story, but these arrangements are rare.

I don’t know any of the other mapping guides off-hand, but I made a video on map design, which I’ve linked below. This should help at least with figuring out how you design your game. As for actually building the map, Tiled and FEMapMaker are generally the most popular, although you can also build maps directly in FEBuilder as well. I recommend experimenting and modeling your own maps after ones you like from the vanilla games.

If anyone else has guides for making mugs or maps that they can share, please help this guy get started! Welcome!


Can we get some screenshots? Thanks.

Thanks for your help, it will help me a lot.

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Genuine piece of advice: please do not use the mug generator to try to do some cleanup if you have some basic artistic skills. If you don’t, please consider finding someone else to help you.

Ok thanks for the advice.

I make a little update and now you can play my hack.
Reply if there are many things to change.

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