[FE8] Terror Of The Forest (17.5 chapters done!)

Hello, you lovely anime-chess players ! My name’s Zeldacrafter64, as you’ve probably already figured out, and I’m here to share my project with you ! I know, right ? What a surprise ! It goes by the weird name of “Terror Of The Forest”, and I hope you’ll play and enjoy it ! But let’s not waste any more time, and jump right into it !

(Although I apologize for my occasional grammar errors, I’m not a native english speaker. Please correct me if you find any, so that I can hopefully improve !)

Download the latest patch here !

What’s new?
Chapter 15 and the beginning of Ch16 have been added. It’s still not satisfying by my standards, but I’m working on it!
I’m also starting to redesign some characters I wasn’t entirely satisfied with, starting with Tenebrice. From now on, he’ll stop wearing that big dumb hoodie all the time, and show his really handsome face!
I’ve also fixed a few bothersome bugs, like Valkyr being unrecruitable or Johnny spawning without entering the required area.

I - The Hack's Story (Warning, big text ahead)

A long time ago, war broke between humans and monsters (Wait, isn’t it that game’s into ?). After years of struggle, humans emerged victorious, and sealed the monsters away with the help of powerful artifacts.
Now, a thousand years later, humans have completely forgotten about this war and these artifacts. In a world in relative peace, everyone lives happy. Despite the King and Queen’s death in an unfortunate accident, everyone is confident that their daughter, the princess Felicity, will be a fit heir and continue their dream of creating a kingdom of peace. Are they right ? Will the princess manage to live up to their expectations ?

You’ll probably never know, since this is mostly irrelevant to the story of this hack. In this joyful world, not everyone lived happily. Some were desperate, some were poor, some had their dreams crushed, some lost everything… And among them is Sylvester. A 30-years old-ish guy who resorted to banditry in order to survive. He and his loyal companion Zweite (Shout-out to every German-speaking person out there who realized just how bad I am to find names for ANYTHING) begin their quest for money by trying to rob an old lady of her money. Unfortunately, they get caught and sent in prison, and from there, everything they’ll do will snowball until they SOMEHOW save the world from a terrifying threat. On their way, they will meet with many different people, each of them being as much of a loser as they are, including the leader of a mercenary guild who just went through a mutiny, a young, angsty (but pretty, I need some waifus) teenage girl with a very different physique from others, and a whole bunch of other flashy, weird losers.

II - About this Hack (Warning, ALSO big text ahead)

Three years ago, I started writing a story, about men, about monsters, about fun and about horror. Two years ago, I had an epiphany and realized that my Wii U’s e-shop could allow me to play those game I only ever knew through Super Smash Bros, but really wanted to play : Fire Emblem. After someone pointed out that my characters did share similarities with FE’s characters, I wondered if I could make my story into a game. One-year-and-a-half ago, I discovered Fire Emblem Hacks. If I remember correctly, the first two I’ve heard of were Elibean Nights and Ostian Princess. Amazed by all that could be done on this engine, I downloaded FEBuilder and started making my story into a game.

Except it wouldn’t fit. First off, I decided there wouldn’t be any horses or dragons in my story, just out of spite for their important roles in an usual fantasy setting. How could I make a FE game without them ? Additionally, I didn’t imagine any of my characters according to FE classes, so a lot of them didn’t fit, including the main character ! And to top all that, my story was too long to fit in a 20-30 chapters-long game ! However, I did try anyway, and managed to make two “playable” chapters. During these chapters’ creation, I had to create a new character. An early-game bandit boss. Originally just a Migal recolor, I named him Sylvester. Once I decided to cancel this project, I grew so attached to this guy that I made him an integral part of my story. That’s when I had an idea. If I couldn’t directly make my story into a Fire Emblem, then why not make ANOTHER story ?

That’s how this project was born. The one-shot early-game boss became the main character, and from that point on, everything went easier, eventually becoming the hack you have in front of your eyes.

III - Features

-11 playable chapters out of 24, from the Prologue to Chapter 9 (Technically Ch10 is also playable, but not for long due to a bug I still have to fix). I’m not that good at designing things gameplay-wise, but I hope you’ll enjoy some of them !
-54 playable characters out of 61. Each one coming with a different personality ! It’s unlikely you’ll like every one of them, but I’m sure you’ll find a favorite in no time !
-Only infantry ! On both sides ! Horses, Pegasi and Wyverns don’t even exist ! Because some people just want to see the world burn, I guess !
-More weapons for some classes, including Assassins and Generals with Bows and Heroes with Lances !
-The most basic bunch of patches you could ever imagine !

IV - Screenshots

Sylvester%20(2) Vicieux Kuru Hilda%20(2) Yami Shell Jess Achille

V - Credits

(Unfortunately, my dumb *ss mistook the file in which I’ve written the credits for another file and sent it straight into the nothingness, so I tried to find back everything I used and credit them to their respective creator. I apologize for any mistake I’ve possibly made.)

Music :
Ant-Man Theme : KTMILLER
Dining Room : Charles Stiles
Ib_-_Memory : Vaati The Wind Mage
Ib_Memory : Hakumi
Hyrule Castle : Megacowz
Molgera : Christian.litser
Let’s Dance Boys : Cthylhu Sciences Music Division Section 2
Pepper Steaks : MrChris01020
ANT MAN : Roddek
Megalovania : CinderFire
Hyrule Castle : Phosphor
The Schemer = Dekkadeci
Shantae Medley = thebandteacher
Bran-Son = BrainyLucario
Lament Of Innocence = Bumbghork Piano
Don’t Speak Her Name = Forblaze
Mipha’s Theme = DS Music

Taken from the Music Blitz :
Driftveil City - Meilu
Fatalize = Meilu (I think ? Not sure. I’ve tested so many versions of it)
Power-Hungry Fool = Nyawenyye
Guile’s Theme = Sme
Mute City = Sme
Linebeck = Sme

From the Music Repository :
Sheena’s Theme (ToS)
Zelos’ Theme (ToS)
Rest Of The Heart (ToS)

Portrait :
Myself !
(Although I did use Shin19’s FE6 mugs with blinking frames for some of them, so he deserves some credits)

Animations :
Legault Assassin + Bow = Andy, SD9K
Jaffar Assassin+ Weapons = DerTheVaporeon, Glenwing, Andy, SD9K, Jj09 (The repo doesn’t say who did what, actually I only used the vanilla animation and the bow)
Female Hero Lance = Pushwall
Male Hero Lance = Pushwall
Amelia Halberdier = Spud, TBA, Black Mage, Temp, Wan
Male Halberdier = TBA
Female Soldier (Ponytail) = Dr0zz
Female Berserker = eCut, Skitty
Female Warrior = Temp
General + Weapons = TBA, DerTheVaporeon, GabrielKnight, JPN
Armored Brigand = TBA
Tethys + Sword = Circleseverywhere
Cleric Repalette = Eldritch Abomination
Priest Repalette = Eldritch Abomination
Bishop Repalette = Eldritch Abomination (Male and female)
(I could not find whoever made the Female Pirate animation I used, sadly)

Patches :
16 Tracks, 12 sounds : Agro, Brendor
256 Color Title Background Installer : Leonarth
Convert Chapter Titles to Text : circleseverywhere
Actions After Support : 7743
Actions After Talk : 7743
HP Bars with Warnings : circleseverywhere
Lose item : Kaito, 7743
Alusq : Native Instrument Map 2

Thanks to :
BrightFlame (For occasional testing and giving his opinon)
Applejuice (For greatly helping me with maps, and almost everything else)

VI - Recruitment guide

I realize a few characters might be hard to notice, or to understand they’re recruitable, so in case you’re worried about missing anyone, here’s a recruitment guide :

Prologue :
Sylvester - Joins automatically from the start
Zweite - Joins automatically from the start

Chapter 1 :
Achille - Joins automatically during Turn 1
Magam - Talk with Zweite

Chapter 2 :
Lancelot - Joins automatically from the start
Laetitia - Talk with Sylvester

Chapter 3 :
Batto - Talk with Sylvester or Cazadora
Armaduro - Talk with Sylvester
Jess - Talk with Achille
Cazadora - Talk with Sylvester or Batto

Chapter 4 :
Vicieux - Joins automatically from the start
Lucy - Talk 3 times with Sylvester
Venemum - Visit house
Bill - Step into arena

Chapter 5 :
Starhuka - Joins automatically from the start
Martin - Open Leftmost door
Sally - Open rightmost door

Chapter 6 :
Hans - Talk with Zweite or Woody
Woody - Talk with Laetitia or Hans

Chapter 7 :
Yami - Joins automatically during Turn 3
Igor - Talk with Yami
Valkyr - Talk to Igor with Sylvester, then talk to her with Sylvester

Chapter 8 :
Alyssa - Talk with Igor during Ch7, keep her alive until the end of the chapter
Shell - Talk with Armaduro
Dick - Visit house
Arnold - Talk with Sylvester/Wait until turn 5
Tenebrice - Talk with Arnold/Wait until turn 5

Chapter 9 :
Arshan - Joins automatically from the start
Hercules - Joins automatically from the start
Lily - Joins automatically from the start
Octavia - Visit ruins

Chapter 10 :
Vertov - Joins automatically from the start
Barnaby - Joins automatically from the start
Sofia - Joins automatically from the start

Chapter 11 :
Esther - Joins automatically from the start
Chastity - Joins automatically from the start
Eve - Talk with Laetitia, Vicieux, Sally or Lily
Stranger - Step into the suspicious tile northwest with Yami

Chapter 12 :
Morgana - Joins automatically from the start
Helena - Talk with Yami, Lancelot or Octavia

Chapter 13 :
Zugma - Joins automatically from the start
Jukujo - Talk with Zugma
Johnny - Joins when entering the zone after the two-tiles wide bridge

Chapter 14 :
Satsujin - Joins automatically from the start if Jukujo, Zugma and Helena are all recruited and alive
Arya - Joins automatically from the start
Trashie - Joins automatically from the start
Walter - Joins automatically from the start
Alicia - Enter village with Sylvester or Zweite

Chapter 15:
Gerard - Enter the first house clockwise (Required to end the chapter)
Vivian - Enter the last house clockwise (Required to end the chapter)
Amy - Give the Raw Meat (Obtainable by bringing Johnny in front of the doors he came from during Ch13) to Lily and talk to her.

Chapter 16 :
Suzanne - Joins automatically from the start
Willy - Enter the southern village

VII - Known Issues

-During Ch5x, skipping the intro cutscene by pressing start prompts Eleonore to not actually die in a battle. This means she will remain a blue unit, only with 0 HP, and will die as soon as she engages battle, unless healed. I do not know how to fix this yet)

VIII - Changelog

25/03/2020 UPDATE :
-New dialogues have been added, mostly to warn players about optional stuff. Going near the arena during Ch3, opening the doors during Ch5…
-Some class descriptions have been changed to better fit the comedic “Sylvester is telling the story to someone else” tone of the story. Dancers, Pirates, Brigands, Fighters, Berserkers, Myrmidons, Mages, Pupils, Swordmasters, Assassins, Mercenaries, Heroes, Summoners, Druids and Soldiers all have custom descriptions !
-Seven new playable characters that didn’t exist during the last patch were added, including Bill and Valkyr, who are both recruitable in the current patch !
-I’ve installed the latest skill patch update, which means Rally now offers a sexy-looking effect, and there’s an additional info screen showing characters’ age, height, and tastes. Every single playable character has this, and a few bosses too. In the future, everyone will.
-Ch5x has been greatly changed. Listing the changes would be too long, so it’s better for you to just experience it yourself. Additionally, Kuru and his team are introduced much earlier, at the end of Ch2.
-Supports have been changed. Most notably, Laetitia and Alyssa didn’t have supports in the last patch, which is now fixed. I have also decided to delete supports between the main characters (Sylvester, Zweite, Arnold and Arya) in order to avoid redundance, as their relationship already develops through the main story.
-Summoners can no longer summon. This caused lots of difficulties when promoting either Yami or Tenebrice, and wasn’t that important and/or interesting, so I got rid of it. They can now access to every type of magic, though, which greatly compensates for that, in my humble opinion.
-Of course, there’s the addition of Ch9 and Ch10, with everything that goes with it, including no less than 6 new characters !

Do you want to be a part of this train wreck I call a project ? Do you have Discord ? Then that’s great, 'cause here’s the project’s discord server : https://discord.gg/vCYEp5E

Thanks for your attention ! I hope you’ll have fun playing this hack, even with all its flaws !


Looks really good uwu
Hope you finish it, gl!

Thanks ! It really means a lot !
If you ever decide to give it a try, please tell me what you thought about it !

@Scraiza This should be the true title of your hack, but it seems someone else has swooped in and taken it.

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New hacks is always welcome here.

@Scraiza This should be the true title of your hack, but it seems someone else has swooped in and taken it.

Oh, well… Great minds think alike, don’t they ?

New hacks is always welcome here.

Thanks ! I was afraid there would be some kind of hack overdose these days, given how many people are given the opportunity to make their stories come true. Glad to hear that !

Welcome to FEU. Showing up with a patch for your project is always a good sign. Would you be interested in submitting it to FEE3, the yearly community showcase? All projects are welcome.

Okay, (first) new update ! I have released a version fixing the most important and annoying bugs. Although, with my computer dying on me last week, I’ve lost a lot of progress, I hope y’all will appreciate the newest version !

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Finally ! After what seemed like an eternity, I have made an update I’m proud enough to share ! Remaking Ch5x was the main goal, and took me a whole lot of time (In total, I’ve changed it more than 5 times)

I hope some of you will have the patience to play through the game again, and that you will enjoy it ! If you have any feedback, I’d be more than glad to listen to it !


Playing through this now. Gotta say, this hack is a fun little thing so far!

No mounted units on both sides? Interesting maneuver.

I’ll have some feedback ready in a bit.

That’s great ! I’m glad you’re enjoying the hack so far, and I’m eager to see your feedback !

Alright here’s my feedback so far. I believe I made my way up to Greed is a Mad Mistress.

Thoughts so Far (Note: Contains Spoilers):

So uh, there are a few bugs, but nothing that’s particularly game-breaking. (Mainly that the text for I think Armaduro and whatnot when they show up doesn’t disappear after they emerge; it stays when ‘Enemy phase’ comes up on screen.). Oh, and the sound room seems to have a bit of trouble keeping track of what songs you’ve encountered.

I like the tone of this hack (and I would be willing to go through the rom and correct any kind of spelling for you if you like.) a lot. Personally, I like Sylvester- you’ve done a good job of putting up the character of this guy who’s surprisingly likable, while also being, you know, still a Brigand. (He’s arguably one of the strongest units once he gets going also, in my experience.).

I also like how you do paint the medium in the sense that most of the class descriptions all sound like they were written by Sylvester. (Since he is telling the story, after all.). Those little narrative touches like that all give the hack a nice comedy tone.

Love the choice of music you picked. Hearing the theme for Papers Please is always a nice surprise.

Now, onto the gameplay…

Having no mounts like horses and flying units on either side is honestly an interesting game concept; because it means that you can’t rely on the usual OP shenanigans that cavaliers and units like that would provide.

This sounds like gameplay would be a lot slower because of it, but the way the maps are set up, it generally doesn’t feel like a slog. (I do like how in the Prison Break chapter, for example, you actually have an immediate shortcut that can allow you to defeat the boss quickly, or else take a longer route to it for better rewards.).

Armor Knights having four move, for example, seems a lot less prominent when (at least in my experience), the maps are generally short enough to where they don’t feel as outpaced by the army as they might normally. (Armaduro having good bases, if weird growths, helps as well.).

Now, as for my main complaint gameplay wise… it has to be how strict gold appears to be. Like, for now, it’s fine, but I am beginning to worry a bit about running out of weapons.

(Also, although you have a Supply, which I appreciate, I do find it a bit confusing that we can’t access it during an actual battle.).

Greed is a Mad Mistress so far is the chapter I have complaints for- mainly if you’re trying to actually level up Lucy. (Which reminds me, her Beginner’s Prf. for some reason has the description for Barricade+; which I assume is a mistake since going by how it looks, it’s supposed to be a Promotion item for her, I think?).

Anyways, I say this because Lucy really, really starts off in a bad spot. (Thank god you can talk to her three times with Sylvester in the same turn to recruit her; idk if that’s a bug or not, but if this wasn’t the case, I’d feel like it get irritating fast, somehow.).

Lucy herself is… well… she’s a weak little Recruit, and there are lots of enemies that can utterly rip her apart if you’re not careful. (I find it takes a Rally Str. from Batto to get her to do decent damage, and generally a Rally Defense from Sylvester to give her some way of surviving what comes at her.).

Like I understand she’s supposed to be bad, and then you train her up to be good, but her low defenses and (initially) low power in a hack that (seemingly) favors a more aggressive playstyle makes training her a particularly hellish exercise. (She can’t even double an Archer with a Steel Bow when she’s holding her Slim Lance at base level; which is really sad considering he only effectively has 3 Speed, and she has four.).

Even the enemy sword units she has WTA can either double her, or else will generally tear her apart in two or three hits.

Also, the healer you get in that chapter is… honestly, I don’t see the appeal in using him unless you either lost the female one you got earlier, or you want two healers. He’s… well, not that good at his job (which I get given his backstory), and his personal Skill compared to the female healer’s is pretty much useless until he promotes. (Because he can’t defeat enemies.).

Sure, he’s tankier, but healers aren’t supposed to be taking hits to begin with; so it’s kinda lost on him. (Personally, I think that if he joined as like, say, a Bishop or something he’d be much better because he at least can fight.).

Also, that guy who heads into the arena and you recruit by heading in there is a bit… too close to the boss. Like, I haven’t recruited him yet, but I hope that the boss doesn’t move; otherwise, there’s going to be a problem here…

Anyways, that’s all for now!


More Feedback:

Thoughts on 5 and 5x:

At the end of Greed is a Mad Mistress, why do we not get any gold to use in the next fight?! Especially since we never used it to pay the innkeeper?!

Also, the new journeyman trainee, Marty… those bases and those growths… oh man; at least Lucy had a decent Skill and Luck growth.

Luna doesn’t mean crap if he can’t hit shit when it counts. (And unlike Lucy, he doesn’t come with a promo item.).

Chapter 5 as well… that Purge tome… the one in the room next to the light mages…

I just recruited the freaking Light Mage… hell, Achille did it because he’s the only one who can use lockpicks…

That light mage even bragged about it…

So why the hell does he not remember that they have someone who can use the Purge?! (Okay so maybe it’s cause she doesn’t have the weapon rank for it, and there was that creepy feeling, but still…)

Also putting Counter on that Swordmaster dude is evil. Evil and Clever.

Thank god that Hero is so goddamn strong…

Oh and also some bugs from Chapter 5:
Sally and Sylvester’s Talk convo just plays Achille’s recruitment convo with her.

Achille’s words to Marty at one point have this weird [ ] effect.

As for 5x…

The only thing I’m going to say about is that Battle Against a True Hero is a really good choice to use for the map theme.

(As well as how I personally feel like Arnold and company are a bunch of assholes.).

that’s not yours to distribute blood


you’re scaring me because there’s no :b:ontext

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Alright, new update!

I’m trying to improve on a lot of things, but the gameplay is still lackluster… I need as many playtesters as possible, so if you don’t know what to do of your summer vacations, then search no further!

Pretty weird some entombed have 3X hp but some has 51 hp
And they give too much exp (u can ude void curse skill or nerf their level to avoid playables getting a level per kill) my team has a bunch of lv20 but no promotional item now lol
Enemy turn still progresses slowly (maybe they run in the FOW slowly (zombs)) and Arnold can swim somehow
(I think i saw someone not mentioned in the excel file’s portrait again in batto caza support)
Does the late joinets get better growth but kinda low bases?
Second Secret character appeared yet?
Hero desc didnt include lances too
Yami nearly capped level bruh
Sry by discord acc had problems so couldnt log in there

Is anyone also stupid to a point they watched the full Johnny dialogue?
Who is this shirley and the guy under the closet wtf kinda creeper (aww man)
So since grace die and chapter will end and zugma (and dick) cant swim, arnolf cant carry zugma there too, so u cant get the chest?
Wot if sophoa nuked nikage at first turn lol (that was so muda)

Actually calcium can be obtained from bones

So… Sylv is someone who joined the game’s uncle?

Wait am I supposed to try ch14? The boss had physical weapon ranks, and no weapon equipped
And satsujin starts at lv0 and full skill and speed? Lol other 2 guys too
And trashie has no mag growth only str lol (10 spd u must be kidding) nvm just the average druid u will see
Btw ch21 is finalr right? U need to add more stat boosted promoted enemies

I love the character description! I love to see that this hack will be completed! Good luck!

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ve corrected a few of the issues you’ve mentioned (Especially those from Ch14 characters)
It sucks that you can’t connect to discord anymore… Hope you find a solution soon.

(Also I changed back to 16 chapters because I’m a big dumb stupid guy that can’t count)

prologue counted I think?
no, still waiting for the appeal for account
So a unit will disappear somehow overlapped with that fighter
If u pin the unit from unit menu it will cause the cursor to disappear
(Wtf is trashie speed and con, doomed to get doubled everyday)
Why does rhoam has excalibur in his inventory and anima+sword rank
Arya had staff and anima rank???
Btw what i mean stronger promoted units i mean those who has more decent stat distributed around (so wont get dounled that often and can hit consistenely)
Not just in one stat so 22 mag with tomefaire mages can one shot sylvester (30 def is rather acceptable in my opinion cuz u can ude mages to bypass)