[FE8] Sylpheed, Tomaharn, proper Sleep Sword weapon effect (no counter on successful hit)

Sylpheed and Tomaharn are 2 spells from Tear Ring Saga that prevent the target from initiating any further attacks in the current round of combat if the spells hit. Sleep Sword, obviously, does the same thing, with the addition of the target being put to sleep.

Cam’s current status weapon implementation inflicts status but doesn’t get this detail replicated properly - if you hit an enemy with a Sleep Sword, they’ll still get to counter in the current round of combat even after falling asleep. The uncounterable weapon effect byte also doesn’t replicate this effect properly; the weapon is uncounterable regardless of whether it hits and cannot itself counter when an enemy initiates combat.

In FE8, there already exists a weapon that executes this effect properly - Stone. A target petrified with Stone ceases execution of further attacks in the current round of combat (in addition to being stoned). Users of Stone are also free to counter when attacked. The gist of this request is to get half of the Stone effect working without the petrification. I’m not sure if these are separate routines run by the game or if the game only does this given that the target is stoned.


Pretty sure that @AlfredKamon had someone do this for Midnight Sun already? I remember seeing a video that had proper Sleep inducing in it…

(Would probably require hijacking that small portion of the routine for the non-sleep ones you want, though.)

@Brendor did that.


Skip to 0:25

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That’s beautiful. Would you mind sharing it?

Not at all but I’m holiday so I’m only on mobile right now. I’ll be back by Friday

That’s awesome. If it’s not too much to ask, I’ll need help isolating the non-counter portion of the routine from the sleep-inducing portion of the routine.

Why? Are you going to recreate my hack?

No, I just want non-counter and sleep to be separate effects. Unless that’s already how it is.

I could post the source I guess

You should probably reply directly to Brendor lol

It’s Friday. Please post source. Thank you, come again.

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5 minutes mom

It’s been over 12 hours now. DON’T MAKE ME COME UP THERE!

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I just got my laptop up to speed. Here you go

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Would you mind showing the compiled assembly code as well, please?


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