[FE8] Swapping Eirika's route and Ephraim's Route

How can I make Eirika go to Ephraim’s Route and Ephraim go to Eirika’s route ?
Sorry if this question may sound dumb for you experienced hackers ,-,

I mean, you could just edit the text for the route switch dialogue choice box to flip the options…

What’s the point of ‘switching the routes’? Why bother?

In my “hack” (It’s more of an FE8 reskin with added events) I wanted to have the Eirika’s replacement go on Ephraim’s route and Ephraim’s replacement go on Eirika’s route. But isn’t there anything else to change other then editing the text for the route switch dialogue ?

But I haven’t found a way to make Eirika’s replacement go to Ephraim’s route and I always end up with Ephraim’s replacement go to Ephraim’s route.

Try putting Ephraim at Port Kiris and Eirika in Fort Rigwald in the chapter 9 events. Just switch all instances of them in the events. You may have to do the same for the rest of the chapters after that too.

Isn’t there a way to alter world map character too ? And it doesn’t seem to work maybe I need to change something else ?

Try disassembling from 0x9EC3B4 and go from there, I guess

Instead, maybe you could just switch the character data for the two slots completely.